Bio Sculpture Introduces New Unique, yet Universal Nail Colours

Bio Sculpture introduces new unique, yet universal nail colours

In the beauty world, a look is flawed without polished nails. A beautiful set of nails that complements your outfit and is not chipped adds a certain amount of sleek sophistication.

One of the most popular high-quality, luxurious nail salon brands today, Bio Sculpture, launches the Evo Classics # 2 collection with various universal options for wearers.


Femininity and affection mark this colour. Despite being an earthy pink colour, Suzy has a slight orange tint. With cool to warm undertones that work well with light to dark complexions, this is a daily option for everyone.


Red nails are an indispensable part of the festive season. Marina is a classic, classy and attractive red that is suitable for those who like to stand out, especially those who embrace a maximalist style.


Deeper than Marina, this colour signifies elegance and sensitivity in contemporary women. A perfect berry hue for mature wearers, it is also appropriate for youngsters who want to emulate this style.


Introducing a jazzy burgundy with a light touch of pink. When looking for an alternative for a classic red, look no further. Aseel brings a fresh experience.


This plum hue cleverly stands out thanks to shimmering glitters of the same tone. Give your nails a square shape and accent with gorgeous gold jewelry for a strong statement.


This dusty mulberry tone is the “best friend” of copper and rose gold accessories. Although not a bright colour, Simi helps showcase sophisticated and elegant taste.


If you are an edgy person who loves practical styles, why not trying this light green? Unlike other greens, Orlit is easy to mix and match with other nail polish thanks to its low saturation. To maximize this gel’s dynamic vibe, choose to wear athleisure items for a comfortable, sporty style.


Army green acts as the background for blue and gold glitter, making Inbar definitely a unique option. Try pairing it with a black dress and cateye makeup for a mysterious and bold look.

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This content is also available in: Tiếng Việt