Where to Pick-Your-Own Strawberries Amid Covid-19 in Ontario

Where to pick strawberries and practice social distancing at the same time

One of the most favorite outdoor activities during summertime in Canada is fruit-picking from local farms. It’s a great choice for family-bonding and friend-gathering time. However, Canada is coping with Covid-19 and we are trying to adapt to the “new normal”. People have to practice social distancing and have proper sanitizing methods to stop Covid-19 from spreading rapidly. These farms need to follow these guidelines and rules from the government as well. Besides some places decided to close until the end of this season, while other farms have opened their doors to visitors.

Downey’s Farm

To be able to enter the farm, you have to check their website for availability and hours to book a reservation. Or you can call the Berry Hotline at (905) 838-4777.  They have two locations, one in Breslau and another in Caledon, however only the Caledon location is opened for visitors.

Before your arrival, please wear your mask and they only allow two people per household, no children under the age of three. Baskets are provided at the farm’s entrance so don’t bring your own containers into the farm. Two large baskets cost $10, four large ones will be $20, and they prefer debit or credit.

Address and contact information:
13682 Heart Lake Rd Caledon, ON L7C 2J5 
(905) 838-4777

Strawberry Creek Farms

This farm also has a strict guideline to stop the spread of Covid-19. You aren’t allowed to bring pets and no smoking and snacking. You have to pick berries in an assigned area and wash hands properly before and after entering the farm. This farm is now open and will close at 5:30 p.m. daily.

Address and contact:
17471 Woodbine Ave.
Entrance off Davis Drive, just East of the 404

Andrews Farm and Winery 

You don’t need to book a reservation before your arrival to this farm, walk-in only. This farm works on a first-come, first-serve base. They are expecting to open full fields on June 24 and one part of its profit will be donated to Milton District Hospital. Children under the age of three will be allowed and some activities will be held while maintaining social distancing rules.

Address and contact information:
9365 10 Side Road
(905) 878-5807

Brantwood Farm

Before your trip, you will have to book a reservation in advance witha cost of $14. The farm only allows healthy visitors with no symptoms of Covid-19. All visitors have to sanitize their hands properly and maintain 2m distance.

Address and contact:
251 Powerline Rd
(519) 759-4383

Stonehaven Farms

This farm is a really nice one, located in Campbellville, Ontario. Their picked strawberry will be ready on Saturday, June 20 and their pick-your-own strawberry season will start on Monday, June 22.

Address and contact:
7388 Guelph Line
(905) 878-1870

Organics Farm

Organics Farm will be re-opening for strawberry picking on Thursday, June 25th. They will make some changes in operation to deal with the Covid-19 situation.

Address and contact:
7550 19th Ave
(905) 640-5206

Reesor’s Farm

Reesor’s Farm is now open from Monday to Saturday from 9:00 am to 6:30 pm. They have updated their Covid-19 update and guidelines to instruct employees and visitors during this season.

Address and Contact:
10825 Ninth Line at Elgin Mills Rd.

 Tigchelaar Berry Farms  

This farm is open on June 19 and you can bring your own basket. They will have separate prices for strawberries in your own container and strawberries put in the farm’s basket. Visitors can choose the one that suits them the most. This farm doesn’t open public washrooms during this pandemic. It is suggested that visitors should call in advance to secure their slots.

Address and contact:
4161 Jordan Road

Austin’s Strawberries

This is a rich-history farm with 44 years of growing and  farming and agriculture development. You can pick your berries here from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm. They have some common rules during this Covid-19 period such as hand sanitizing, social distancing and garbage managing. This farm also sells some homemade baked goods that reviews lots of positive reviews from customers.

Address and contact:
2587 Cockshutt Rd.
519 443 4909

Barrie Hill Farms 

This farm will be open on Wednesday, June 24. All the common rules and guidelines for Covid-19 will be applied here. Generally speaking, this is a pretty large field so there might be less chance of virus spread while everyone is assigned to a row that is far from others. If you don’t wear a mask, you can’t enter the farm and you can buy goods from drive-thru windows.

Address and contact:
2935 Barrie Hill Rd.
705 728 0571

Due to the rapid change of Covid-19, please visit their websites and contact them before your arrival. Some farms require booking a reservation in advance and preparation so please follow the rules to protect you and others from Covid-19. Have fun and stay healthy! 

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