What to do when your children stay at home while the pandemic

With the number of COVID-19 cases increasing in many places in Canada, the government and local health agencies have asked their citizens to stay inside, avoid crowded places, keep a distance from the opposite person for about 6 feet to prevent the spread of the pandemic COVID-19.

At the same time, schools in the provinces, such as Quebec, Ontario and British Columbia, have been ordered to close temporarily. The closes mean millions of children are staying home and cannot access public places such as museums, science centres or libraries.

What activities can parents do with their children at home during this time?

According to Jennifer Kolari, parenting expert and founder of the community-based learning website Connected Parenting, there are several ways for parents to help their children during the pandemic phase.
In the time that people are very insecure and worried, for those who have children, the worry is even multiplied. Not only for taking good care of the kids in the house but also for protecting their health.
Therefore, expert Jennifer Kolari has suggested the first thing that parents need to do with their children is to help them not panic with the information about the COVID-19 pandemic.
According to Mrs Kolari, when children are panicked, they will become more difficult and naughty. Panic in children will lead to two dimensions of reaction. The first one is that they will not want to do any other activity and become afraid of everything around them. In the second dimension, children will become naughty and start acting out of control.
Experts also advise parents to follow the news about the outbreak of COVID-19 on personal electronic devices and avoid letting children hear about it to keep them from being panic, or keeping your children away from pictures showing the seriousness of the disease. Maintaining a stable mood is the essential thing in sensitive times like this.

Next, expert Jenifer Kolari advises parents to keep their homes tidy, clean and disciplined to ensure the health of their children. Being away from school does not mean that your children stay up late, oversleep, or watch TV all day. Parents should keep a daily routine similar to the time while their children are in school. It includes waking up on time and doing everyday routine, such as exercising, practicing self-hygiene, having breakfast and starting a new day.

Also, experts advise parents to buy pinboards and list daily tasks for their children on the boards. Parents should also integrate the school homework along with other activities like cleaning their bedrooms. With homework or online learning, parents should also restrict their children from using the internet to play games or other recreational activities. After finishing all the work, they are free to do their things.

Outdoor activities are also encouraged by Kolari. However, children are only allowed outdoors activities while implementing preventive measures and under the supervision of adults. According to expert Kolari, exposure to the environment and nature helps children develop better and be more creative.

Source: Globalnews

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This content is also available in: Tiếng Việt