Ways to Transform Your Summer Outdoor Space

From lazy afternoons in the sun to evenings spent socializing and firing up the grill on your patio, there is no better way to enjoy your home’s outdoor space during the summer months.

Whatever type of space you have, to enjoy it to the utmost, consider the following ways to transform your space into a summer dream oasis.

Do Some Spring Cleaning

Even though spring is over, every garden and backyard outdoor space could benefit from a good tidy-up. From clearing leaves and rubbish to digging out weeds and any plants that did not survive the winter frost, doing a little bit of spring cleaning can brighten your space.

If you have the time, you can neaten the edges of your lawn for a cleaner, manicured look, power-wash any grimy tiles, and give everything a thorough sweep.

The Right Landscaping: Add Plants and “Faux-liage”

With the summer heat, humidity, and abundance of sunlight, it is important to do your research on which plants are best suited for various locations and conditions. Plants such as sunflowers, lavender, peonies, or succulents can add colour to your outdoor living space and thrive in direct sunlight. Alternatively, plants like the primrose, ferns, bellflowers, or spiderworts are plants that love the shade and do not need much sunlight.

Another thing to consider when it comes to choosing your plants is whether they are Annual plants or Perennial plants.  Annual plants will need to be replanted each year, whereas perennials tend to last over multiple years!

Not sure which plants will do well where? Enlist professional help from a local landscape designer or ask for suggestions from a gardening store employee.

Plants, while they look great and smell wonderful, can be high maintenance and dependent on the weather. Instead of real foliage, you could consider using “faux-liage,” that looks realistic, adds color to your garden and lasts all year round. Best of all, there is no maintenance.

Short on space? Try hanging baskets.

Hanging plant baskets are a great way to decorate your outdoor area without needing a lot of space.

A DIY hanging basket will add a splash of colour and will make a real statement to any garden. It can also be a fun summer gardening project you can try with the kids.

The items you will need to make a hanging basket include a metal or wooden basket frame, some coil liner, container potting mix, slow-release fertilizer, a piece of cardboard, some zip ties, and your favourite plant of choice. 

For gardens short on floor space, you might want to create a living wall.

Join together a couple of wooden panels to create a ladder shape, add and hang bucket planters filled with herbs or trailing plants. Your creation on a budget can be practical and still look great.

The living wall is also a great place to store your gardening tools or watering can. It provides an easy-to-access area that will remind you to water your lovely plants.

Decorate and accessorise.

The key to any great outdoor living space is creating a compelling atmosphere to relax in the sun, read, or hang out with friends and family.

Adding water-resistant rugs, comfy furniture, and atmospheric lighting can create a courtyard-like experience.

You may choose to start with a modular corner sofa that offers plenty of seating and add in additional stools that won’t clutter up the space.

Add a coffee table in the centre or a low table with a central fireplace to create an intimate entertainment mood.

Throw in some pillows, blankets, potted flowers, and lanterns. The possibilities are endless.

Add Zen with a water feature.

The sights and sounds of water flowing have a calming effect that can enhance any outdoor living space.

A private swimming pool to help cool you off might be the ultimate water feature, but most people don’t have the space or budget for this. Smaller more affordable options include mini-sized waterfalls, tabletop fountains, or hanging birdbaths. The sound of trickling water and birds splashing can be very meditative. Plus, they require little to no maintenance so there is one less thing to worry about while you enjoy your outdoor space.

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