Winterlicious 2020 is back

Treat your taste buds well with high-end cuisine without breaking the bank this winter

Forget about the extreme cold during the winter, Toronto will treat you well with Winterlicious, its annual premier prix fixe food event.

Winterlicious runs during the first two weeks of February. The program, which will be as long as Summerlicious, was created by the City of Toronto in 2003 as a way to boost the city’s restaurant industry during slow periods of business. According to the City of Toronto, as of today, more than 7.7 million meals are served to diners during the programs, bringing more than $342 million in economic activity for the local restaurant industry.

For two scrumptious weeks, Winterlicious Toronto brings a series of mouth-watering culinary events to the city at more than 200 restaurants, mainly high-end ones.

There are several rules for becoming a participating restaurant, including certain price standards, a clean health inspection record, and good reviews from prominent Toronto restaurant review guides.

Food lovers would crawl from restaurant to restaurant exploring not only Canadian but also international cuisine such as French, Italian, Japanese, Middle Eastern, and so on. Depending on the restaurant, the prices for lunch menus would be $23, $28, and $33, and dinner menus are priced at $33, $43 and $53. These menus will include a choice of starter, entrée and dessert. Beverages, taxes and gratuity are extra.

This year’s Winterlicious will start from January 31 to February 13, 2020 and reservations begin on January 16. Take advantage of this while you still can!

Winterlicious 2020 also includes 14 culinary event series, which bring you eclectic dining and food experiences. Here are some of the culinary events for you to choose:

  • David Gibson’s Favourites: A Farmhouse Supper, Gibson House Museum on February 11
  • Edible History – Taste Where Toronto All Began, St. Lawrence Market on January 31, February 2, 7, 8 and 9
  • The Pleasure of Survival, Palais Royale on February 1
  • Feast by the Fire, Babel on February 4
  • Dinner with the Mackenzies, Mackenzie House on February 5, 12 and 13
  • The Austins Entertain, Spadina Museum on February 6
  • Hungry for Comfort: Surviving a Canadian Winter, Fort York National Historic Site on February 9
  • Scotch Tasting Dinner, David Duncan House, February 10 and 12

Check the list of restaurants and the culinary event series at

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