Toronto’s Hidden Gems: Add Some Sweetness to Your Valentine’s Day with Soul Chocolate

As most of us work from home due to public health restrictions, a cup of hot chocolate with some marshmallows is too iconic to be skipped.

Started in 2015, Soul Chocolates is the home of chocolate lovers. Besides the store on Gerrard St East, customers can also find their products in different cafes, for instance, Brodflour, Avro and Detour Coffee.

Soul Chocolate offers tasty options, such as chocolate bars, truffles and hot chocolate. One of the bestsellers is the Chocolate Hazelnut Spread, which tastes fantastic with toast. The spread is not too sweet yet still ensure the flavourful taste of hazelnut and chocolate. If you want something delicious for your quick breakfast, try this one and you won’t be disappointed.

If you love baking (or baking becomes your new hobby during this strange time of COVID-19), it’s interesting to try the “Bake This! Subscription” at $30/month. The brand offers unique, high-quality ingredients and unique recipes creating by the team in a box so you can level up your baking skill right at your home. A pack of it is made to serve eight people on average.

This Valentine’s Day, Soul Chocolate offers some gift options, including truffles. Containing a set of nine with three unique flavors, this truffle box is a lovely (and sweet) gift for your loved ones. One taste is salted caramel, and the second is champagne, infused with Niagara sparkling wine. The last is cinnamon with candied cacao nibs for added crunch.

You can also try the Raspberry Rose Dark Milk Chocolate and Candied Hazelnut Dark Milk Chocolate.

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