Toronto Food Truck Festival to Take Place on Father’s Day Weekend

Food trucks are a staple summer tradition for cities like Toronto, but with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, people wondered if food and dessert trucks would still be driving down the streets this summer.

Earlier this month, Toronto city officials announced that licensed food and ice cream trucks were allowed to continue their operations beginning on June 3.

Mayor John Tory announced this the same day the trucks began operation, saying the announcement was “just in time” for the summer.

Of course, the risk of COVID-19 is still present, but with these trucks operating outdoors, the risk of contracting the virus is significantly reduced.

The food trucks will have to adhere to the city’s physical distancing requirements to operate, but regardless of those rules, the decision to allow them to operate is nothing short of good news for the city’s mobile food industry.

With the return of food trucks, a new food festival has also been announced following the announcement; Street Eats Market.

This year during Father’s Day Weekend, a food truck drive-thru event will be hosted at the Yorkdale Shopping Centre’s north parking lot.

Organizers of the event were working on the Street Eats Market for months, and also played a role in the city’s decision to let food trucks operate this summer.

Their goal is for the format of this event to be adopted by other food festivals in the province that have been forced to reschedule or cancel due to the pandemic.

The event itself will be a fundraiser, where 100% of the donations will be sent to Baycrest Hospital on behalf of the Street Eats Market and the Yorkdale Shopping Centre.

How the event will go

Taking place from noon until 8 pm, the Street Eats Market will operate using an online ordering system that will go live on June 15.

On the website, people will get the chance to order the food they want before the event begins and schedule a time for pick up.

The pickup times will consist of 15-minute time slots, and guests will have to provide their license plate numbers for their orders so that the food trucks can identify which order belongs to them.

Tables outside of the food trucks will have the ordered food on top so they can be retrieved.

Once all the food has been picked up, guests will have to head to the nearest exit and will have to find a spot where they are allowed to eat. Organizers have said that public health has not permitted eating on the premises, as well as gatherings and tailgating.

With regions entering stage two of the province’s reopening plan, a chance for pop-up tents from the vendors may appear. 

More food trucks will be announced as the date approaches, but here is a list of the confirmed establishments setting up for the market.

  • Eva’s Original Chimneys
  • Jerk Brothers, Beaver Tails
  • Choco Churros
  • Meltwich
  • The Holy Grill
  • Johnny Rocco’s Pizza Wagon

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