Top Picks to Welcome Lunar New Year

Top picks to welcome the new year with happiness

Hydrating Essentials

Dehydrated skin leads to multiple problems, including breakouts, dryness and dullness. Suitable for all skin types, Minéral 89 Lunar kit features four of Vichy’s well-loved skincare products, including a full-size Minéral 89, and three gifts: One Step Milk Cleanser; Minéral 89 Eyes; and Aqualia Thermal Light. When purchasing the set, you will receive the limited edition Minéral 89 for Year of the Ox 2021.

Mineral 89 Lunar New Year Limited Edition Kit, $52.
Available at

Everyone’s Fragrance

Unisex fashion could be one of the significant trends in 2021 when people want to dress quickly and simply for essential travel only. But what about an uplifting, gender neutral scent? Flooid is a natural fragrance designed to serve everyone. It’s a combination of fresh, natural, and warm tones from different components, such as citrus, warm amber, and sweet cedarwood. Flooid makes a sophisticated gift no matter how you identify.

Flooid, $168.
Available at

Staple Denim

While denim is usually thought of as a safe, unintrusive option, this H&M x Lee men’s tote could be a wow factor in your closet. Material, such as 100 per cent recycled cotton jeans and dungarees, is a crucial part of this collection as both brands aim to push sustainable fashion. Clever stitching, stiff form, and iconic Lee logo at the top contribute to the bag’s vintage ‘90s fashion vibe.

Lee x H&M Tote Bag, $30.
Available at and selective stores.

Organized Documents

Working from home is what most of us are doing right now. To boost your creativity and productivity to the max, make sure your home office is tidy. This paper holder not only keeps your desk clean and organized but also provides minimalist decor. What is special about this item is that it is made from natural stone, so each holder is one of a kind.

Lithic paper holder, $40.
Available at

Good Luck Charm

Designed in red and gold, lucky Lunar New Year colors, this watch is a fun timepiece to kick off a prosperous and happy year. In most Asian countries, people believe that wearing bright hues helps to carry health, good fortune, and success throughout the whole year. The dial features two fiery oxen, depicting a sense of strength, boldness and hard work. At the same time, the yin-yang design indicates balance and peace in life.

Ox Rocks 2021!, $165.
Available at

Kombucha Cleansing

When it comes to a skincare routine, the first step is to clean your face. This recently launched dual function product helps remove impurities such as sunscreen, and makeup, while treating your skin with an antioxidant, fermented black tea, to improve texture.

Kombucha Cleansing Treatment, $58.
Available at

Everyday Eyeshadows

A touch of color helps elevate your look and boosts self-confidence. This neutral 12-color palette suits all ages. Matte and satin finishes give you the option to create an everyday natural look, or special smoky eyes for evening.

Simply Nudes 12-Colour Eyeshadow Palette, $65.
Available at

Protected Skin

Looking for an all in one solution? This facial oil may please you with high-quality ingredients, such as bakuchiol (derived from the babchi plant), amla (Indian gooseberry) and cacay oil. First thing in the morning and before bed, apply two to four drops to your face and massage. Follow with sunscreen for daytime. This oil helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles as well as increase radiance.

Goopgenes All-in-One Super Nutrient Face Oil, $135.
Available at

Chic Bag

A cute, blush pink, this item makes a chic gym bag. Since we don’t know when we’ll be able to go back to the gym, the bag can also be used for a picnic or to carry essentials on a day trip.
The quilted exterior makes it sporty and fashion forward.

Pilinix, $65.
Available at

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