Prime Minister Justin Trudeau thanks the Vietnamese community for all their efforts in the Society

On May 1st, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau gave a speech in front of the Vietnamese-Canadian community asking for their support during the upcoming elections.

The Prime Minister began his speech by thanking the community.

“It’s always been incredibly encouraging to me…The Vietnamese-Canadian community is one that’s contributed a tremendous amount to our communities, to our country and the opportunity to come together to say thank you”.

Trudeau criticized those who think that pointing fingers and offering easy answers will create a better future for Canadians. Instead, he recognized that the success of our nation has been possible as a result of embracing change and welcoming immigrants. He recognized the efforts of the Vietnamese-Canadian community; a community that was forced to flee war, challenges and conflict, only to come to Canada with little in their pockets, but big hopes of building a better life for themselves and their kids. He recognized that this hope has led Vietnamese-Canadians to work hard, build a strong community and contribute massively to Canada.

“As people come to this country and build success…we create better success for everyone and we change things… we learn from the very best of what the people arriving to this country bring.”

Canada is an example of what a country and a society can do when we recognize the differences as a source of strength never as one of weakness, said the PM, who argued diversity is Canada’s source of strength.

He also reminded attendees of the ways his government is trying to change the lives of millions of Canadians by lowering taxes for the middle class and offering interest-free mortgage loans for first time home buyers.

Following Trudeau’s speech, Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Ngan, a respected member of the Vietnamese-Canadian community, joked around by saying the reason he supports the prime minister is because of his good looks.

Mr. Ngoc Ngan who is a teacher, writer and refugee himself recalled the first time he met Trudeau. During this encounter Trudeau confessed to him he wanted to do something more serious for Canada than just to be a pretty face on T.V.

“Mr. Prime Minister you have a long way to go and you have my support utterly,” said Mr. Ngoc Ngan who recognized Trudeau has done nothing but good and important things for this country in the last four years.

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