5 Parenting Tips and Tricks for Back-to-School Season

Start the school year on the right foot with these parenting tips to help your child get ready for school this fall

For many students, the start of the fall season means the back-to-school season is just around the corner. This can be a time of great excitement but can also cause a bit of anxiety. From meeting new teachers, studying new subjects, and having a busy first week of school schedules, it can be quite a handful to deal with.  

For parents, back-to-school season can be a little stressful but with these tips and tricks, you will be able to stay organized and support your children throughout the back-to-school transition.  

Visit the School Grounds Before School Starts

For parents with younger children, ensuring your child is familiar with the school plays an important part in their confidence and allows them to know where they will be spending their time during the school year.

If allowed, take your child on a mini tour inside the school building to help them become more familiar with the school site and facilities. Also, during this time, be sure to discuss with your child where you will be meeting them to pick them up at the end of the school day.

If possible, taking your child to their school orientation will also help build their confidence as they familiarize themselves with the school, teachers, and all the activities to look forward to.

Get to know your child's school

Make a Back-To-School Checklist and Start Shopping

When starting a new school year, your child might not know what school supplies they will need for the upcoming year and it helps to brainstorm a checklist of things they will need.

Some schools may also send home a premade checklist of needed school supplies to help parents and their children get organized before starting the school year.

It is also better to start the back-to-school shopping earlier rather than later, as school supplies in demand can sell out quickly and the deals may not last very long!

Back-to-School Shopping

Mark the Days Until School Starts

Whether it is a reminder for parents or that your child may need time to get back into class student mode, it will be helpful to mark the days until the school year starts.

Include your child in the countdown to school starting by using a simple notebook or a calendar where they can stamp or mark each passing day until school starts.

Additionally, setting up a family calendar will make things a lot easier to keep track of everyone’s school activities and appointments.

Counting down the days of back-to-school or the first day of classes

Practice School Skills with Your Child at Home

After a couple of weeks of summer vacation, it may be hard for some children to get back into the swing of things when attending school.

Apart from academics, you can help your child learn small things that they should know to make their day at school easier.

Activities such as fastening and unfastening their backpacks, opening their lunch box, undoing their clothes for bathroom breaks, and memorizing your telephone number are all important things your child should know when they’re at school.

Be sure to help your child practice these activities at home and they will be ready for the school year.

Teaching your children school skills

Get Your Child’s Sleep in Sync with Their School Schedule

Getting enough sleep is one of the most important factors for a growing child and students of all ages. Over the summer break, if your child has been up late and sleeping in all morning, new bedtime rules for the school year can be quite a shock.

Instead, try tucking them in bed early, focusing on a consistent wake-up time and getting them out of bed no matter what. Discourage long naps when they should be awake during the school day and in a few days, your child will be ready to wake up for school without a fuss!

Fixing your child's sleep schedule for school

Bonus Tip: End the Summer Holiday with Field Trip        

Starting school after a long summer break is a time full of anticipation, excitement, and a little bit of nervousness or anxiety.

To help your child during the transition back to school, have a fun family tradition such as getting desserts or having a fun family photoshoot the day before school to help ease the nerves and create long-lasting memories.

It can also help to take your child on field trips to get them into the learning spirit by visiting places that are both entertaining and intellectually stimulating. Trips to the museum, zoo, or science center are all great places to take your child on a fun family trip before school starts.

Field trip at the science center

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