Mississauga Welcomes Carlo’s Bakery

Get ready to explore the gorgeous cakes in the first location of Carlo’s Bakery in Canada

The mere excitement and avidity of TLC show Cake Boss’ Canadian audience would be soon satisfied with Carlo’s Bakery’s first branch location just in their area.

Even though it has existed for a while, Carlo’s Bakery only rose to fame after being featured in Cake Boss, an American reality television series. The show is about the making of edible art cakes and the daily life of the owner’s family under the stress of making those special treats.

Bartolo “Buddy” Valastro Jr. is a fourth-generation baker who has a strong tie with baking. He consistently pursued the bakery’s success through competitions and baking shows until the luck knocked on his door with Cake Boss. With his creative mind, mastered skills, and limitless inspiration nurtured and inherited from his father, ” Valastro has brought countless incredible cakes to life.

As the show has gained public love, the products of Carlo’s Bakery also earned much curiosity that leads to the growth of the bakeshop all over the USA and now Canada.

Photo: Carlo’s Bakery – carlosbakery.ca

Coming to Mississauga

Though Canadians could please their craving with sweet treats from the Cake ATMs in Toronto, to step in the actual shop of Carlo’s Bakery is on a whole other level. This spring, Carlo’s Bakery opens its new location at 167 Lakeshore Road West in Port Credit.

More than just slices in the Cake ATM cause the bakeshop is coming! – carlosbakery.ca

The 3,200 square-foot store has various cakes on the list, such as the iconic lobster tail cake, butter cookies, cannolis, gelato, and many kinds of pastries and pies.

The cakes of Carlo’s Bakery – Instagram: @carlosbakery

As always, they also come with a unique savory menu of sandwiches and New York-style brick-oven pizza slices. Mainly, custom cakes could be ordered for special occasions, which could nearly be anything in your imagination.

The iconic Lobstertail – Instagram: @carlosbakery

Though the grand opening date hasn’t been decided yet, keep your mind on it and be ready!

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