Fun Things to Do in Ontario this Summer that You Should Try

Quickly note down these superb suggestions to spice up your bucket list this summer! Across Ontario, many fun and unique adventures are awaiting you, so check out our top 5 things to do this Summer, made just for you. 

Watch movies in a drive-in Cinema

Whether you want to have a vintage and romantic date just like how couples did in the old 50s or wish to have a fun time bonding with your family, drive-in cinema is the answer! Watch the all-time classic films from your cars. As the Covid-19 pandemic started, many traditional cinemas were forced to close their doors. The car-theatre model, on the contrary, surged in popularity, as it is highly private and reduces the chance of spreading the virus.

You can find many businesses of this type across Ontario, such as Port-Hope Drive-in in Hamilton

Photo by Davidag

Collect gorgeous gemstones on a crystal hunting trip

Crystals are believed to hold many spiritual abilities that can be good for your body, mind, and soul. Such as how rose quartz is said to attract romance, obsidian can protect the owner from negativity, and amethyst can heal and purify your energy. And not only that, but they are also super aesthetically pleasing, whether as a piece of decoration or jewelry. So, where can you get a beautiful piece of gemstone yourself? One of the best ways to find a perfect one for yourself is to join one of the crystal collecting or hunting tours, where you can discover natural pieces in mines or fields.

Join Amethyst Mine Panorama, Shunia on this exciting tour.

Immerse yourself in a delightful flower field

Get away from the usual busy life and enjoy nature’s beautiful gifts in the form of gorgeous flowers. If you are a beauty lover, don’t miss your chances to explore these flower fields around Ontario, as stunning photographs are usually born out of these places.

For suggestions of the most gorgeous and tranquil flower fields, check out our list here.

Photo by Campbell’s Cross Farm

Hello to your new fluffy friends

Who wouldn’t love a trek out in the tranquil nature with the fluffy and cute alpaca as our trusty companion? A stroll along the scenic path with lovely views in front of your eyes while getting to know the kind and amusing animals indeed sounds like an unforgettable and unique experience for a summer day trip. So what else are you waiting for?

Some alpaca farms that offer the service Old Mill Alpacas, Colborne and Serendipity Farm, Lanark

Photo by Arne Verbist

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