Best Vietnamese Cuisine in Canada

Vietnam is known throughout the world for its eclectic and mouthwatering cuisine.

Eating and drinking is an important part of Vietnamese culture, that brings families together and showcases the country’s innate skills with flavours, textures, and an abundance of fresh ingredients.

You can experience Vietnam’s popular and well-known foods in Canada, influenced by its deep-rooted Vietnamese immigrant communities.

As Anthony Bourdain wrote: “You don’t have to go looking for great food in Vietnam. Great food finds you.”

Chef, Author, and Travel Documentarian Anthony Bourdain Eating Vietnamese Food in Vietnam
Chef, Author, and Travel Documentarian Anthony Bourdain Eating Vietnamese Food in Vietnam

Canada is a country well-known for its openness, acceptance, and tolerance. If you wish to visit or move here, be sure to check out Canada’s entry requirements and organize your trip.

Once here, you can indulge and dine at some of the best Vietnamese restaurants in Canada.

Phở: Vietnam’s Most Cherished Dish

A typical scene in Vietnam is locals hunched over sitting on small plastic stools while they slurp up some delicious noodle soup: a clear, meaty broth filled with rice noodles and topped with fresh herbs, meat and spring onions.

A true phở broth is simmered for several days, giving it its rich and nutritious flavour.

A bowl of Vietnamese Pho
A Bowl of Vietnamese Pho

Insider tip: Traditionally, this dish is eaten early in the morning for breakfast.

Golden Turtle, Toronto

Toronto has a host of Vietnamese restaurants that serve traditional dishes that truly showcase Vietnam’s renowned cuisine.

Golden Turtle has been running since the 80s, so they are well-versed in Vietnamese cooking. The restaurant serves 20 different types of phở on its extensive menu, so there is a dish for everyone.

Rua Vang Vietnamese Restaurant
Pho Rùa Vàng – Golden Turtle Restaurant in Toronto

Bun Cha Ca Hoang Yen, Vancouver 

Vancouver is another popular choice for Vietnamese cuisine, with many excellent eateries to choose from.

Bun Cha Ca Hoang Yen is known by locals as one of the best Vietnamese restaurants in the city, so you will not be disappointed. Their phở broth is a real highlight.

Bun Cha ca Hoang Yen Vietnamese Restaurant in Vancouver
Bun Cha Ca Hoang Yen – Vietnamese Restaurant in Vancouver

Bánh mì: Not Just any Sandwich

If you are at all interested in Vietnamese cuisine, then you have probably tried, or at least heard of, a bánh mì. 

This crispy baguette is traditionally filled with pâté or cold cuts and garnished with a delicious mix of fresh toppings such as grated pickled carrot, coriander and pickled cucumber.

Banh Mi Vietnamese Sandwiches
Le Trinh owner of K & W Grocery and Convenience makes tasty, Vietnamese Bánh mì subs and sticky rice next to her grocery store on Dufferin. Food Front. Sept 26, 2013 Ruth Bonneville Winnipeg Free Press

Insider tip: Although this dish is traditionally meat-based, often it can be served with egg to make it vegetarian, and in Canada, there are often vegan options available.

Bánh mì Nguyen Huong, Toronto

If you are looking for a truly authentic Vietnamese experience, then Banh Mi Nguyen Huong is the right place for you. This unassuming hole in the wall is one of the most well-known bakeries in Toronto’s Chinatown.

Even the price reflects the true cost of a meal in Vietnam – with a bánh mì costing as little as $1.75.

Bánh mì Ba Le, Mississauga

This hidden gem serves up a variety of bánh mìs, always made with fresh and high-quality ingredients. Their sandwiches are always assembled with the perfect meat-to-bread ratio, and they will even give you extra toppings if you request them.

If you find yourself in Mississauga, Bánh mì Ba Le is a Vietnamese culinary experience not to miss.

A Hot Pot Experience 

Originating from China, a hot pot is a key part of many Asian cuisines – and Vietnam is one of them. Crowd around one of these big steaming pots of rich broth and choose from the wide selection of fresh ingredients to drop in and cook to your liking.

This is a great group eating experience, turning a meal into much more than simply eating.

Insider tip: If you are ordering more than one hot pot, you usually have the option of ordering different types of broth, so you can try a range of flavours and techniques.

Lang Vietnamese Hot Pot & BBQ Restaurant, Saint Catherine’s

Toronto is not the only place to experience a traditional hotpot In Ontario. Across the water in Saint Catherine’s, there is the Lang Vietnamese Hot Pot & BBQ Restaurant, which will satisfy your craving for an authentic hot pot experience.

The restaurant merges flavours and ingredients from different regions, with a menu that reflects the sheer diversity of Vietnam’s cuisine.

Liuyishou Hot Pot, Montreal

Montreal also has some great options for a hot pot, and Liuyishou Hot Pot is no exception. This restaurant serves traditional Chinese hot pot recipes, so you can experience the origins of this renowned dining experience.

Liuyishou Hot Pot is a popular chain in North America, and you can find one in 18 different locations.

Bring Vietnam to You

If you are not able to experience Vietnam’s unparalleled food and drink scene first hand, the wide variety of Vietnamese cuisine in Canada is the next best thing.

Whether you are wandering through Toronto’s Chinatown or slurping up a big bowl of rice noodles in Vancouver, you will experience the punchy smells and delectable tastes as if you were in Saigon yourself.

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