Be Bright

Perk up your dull, snowy days with these warm-tone finds.


The Janvry Dress from Aritzia will help you achieve a stunning look. This bodycon dress will help you showcases curves, yet the high-quality material ensures you will not feel itchy or uncomfortable.Janvry Dress: $110
Available at:


This unique coral scarf is a must-have item for anyone who loves this colour. The soft and luxurious material is the critical element to elevate your style.Myraa – Mongolian Shearling Scarf: $290
Available at:


This premium retro style jacket is suitable for both mountain activities as well as daily life. Inspired by The North Face’s iconic 1996 Nuptse Jacket, the new version comes with in various colours, including this trendy, warm orange.Men’s 1996 Retro Nuptse Jacket: $350
Available at:


Bored with classic red? Try something new this year. Electric Poppy is a bright pink, demonstrating a youthful, energetic and feminine style.Electric Poppy: $40
Available at:


Beaufort Lilac Suede ankle boots add a great pop of colour to your winter outfit. The unique block-heel design not only adds some vogue but also eases your movements.The Beaufort Lilac Suede Ankle Boots: $230
Available at:


This season, a Smartwool beanie and scarf will bring a warm but stylish look to friends or lovers. They contain high-quality materials, including 30 per cent merino wool. Who doesn’t want a beanie and a scarf in the winter?Bunny Slope Beanie: $44, Bunny Slope Scarf: $75
Available at: Simons, Holt Renfrew and select stores


The scarlet bag with a classic design from Coach is a handy item due to its small size and lightweight material. Showing the brand skillfully by using the gold chain and the logo C is the best part of this Joni Crossbody. Make sure that you balance the silver and gold accessories when mix-matching.Joni Crossbody: $375
Available at: and select Coach stores


Add the Red M89 Limited Edition to your skincare routine to strengthen your skin’s health and resistance. The non-greasy gel formula provides comfort and allows the skin to breathe.Red M89 Limited Edition: $40
Available at: Select drugstores

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