A Letter to Mom

My mother! A woman I admire the most in the world. Mommy! The first sentence I spoke in this world. I am very happy that I was born and lived with my mommy. As a child, I always thought I would never bother or make my mother angry but I did not fulfill my wishes. I hope that after all that has happened, I will not make my mother hurt or disappointed for me anymore.​

Mommy always has patience, she was always teaching and explaining everything to me little by little. She always said: “We are a family, let’s love and sympathize with each other.”

The day I was born, it was probably one of the hardest days for my mother because I was born upside down. I was a stubborn child. Anytime and anywhere, I made mommy tired of eating and sleeping. I bothered my mommy a lot, I’m not good at all!​

Like many other children, when I was a preschooler, I cried a lot and refused to go to school. It’s hard to wake me up and take me to class every day. At school, I broke down and cried, my mother still came and comforted me lovingly, and then apologized to everybody for my doings. At that time, I thought my parents might be ashamed and disappointed in, mommy is this right?. Oh well What an intense childhood!​

Growing up, I have many memories with her when we would travel. One day, There was wonderful weather in the resort I was staying at and I was riding a bike on the high slope extremely amused… suddenly I couldn’t brake and slow down the bike, I shouted: “Mommy…”.

Immediately, as fast as she could my mommy rushed to catch the bike was going downhill fast…​
It was so dangerous. I was frightened to stare at her. I’ve admired her so much! Oh! My great superwoman.

Once, I disappointed my mommy because of quarrelling with my younger sister every day. It’s hard to be a nice sister. My younger sister doesn’t really match with me and our personalities are quite opposite together.​

Mommy always has patience, she was always teaching and explaining everything to me little by little. She always said: “We are a family, let’s love and sympathize with each other”.

One day, I couldn’t stand my younger sister anymore. I hated her terribly! My mommy recognized and suffered for my attitude. But she still kept on explaining to me, but this time she cried and said: “I’m a failure in the family. I can’t teach my children to love together…”. There was a look of despair in her face. ​

I really regretted this so much. Until now I always think about it. I fought with this thought every day so that it seemed like an acquaintance. I know that If these things happened again, my mommy would be very upset with me.

From now on, I gradually improved my mind in order so that my mom won’t have been disappointed anymore and made the family better and better every day.​
At present. I’m a junior high school student, my mom and I are getting along really well now. I understood my mother somewhat as well as she understood me. We’re close friends both studying and housework. Sometimes we have gotten into some conflicts but then we get to know each other better. Because I am growing up every day. And then, have you always wanted to hear this all day, mom?
“Mom, I love you very much! Thank you for everything”

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This content is also available in: English