Unique and Tasty Types of Bread that You Need to Try

Bánh mì dipping with iced chocolate sauce

Nestled in the alley of 14 Tran Binh Trong street, District 5, Saigon is a lovely cart of Mrs. Tam who sells bánh mì with iced chocolate sauce. Her unique dish has such an unforgettable flavour to the Saigonese over the years. Bánh mì with chocolate sauce has a beautiful blend of bitterness and sweetness from the chocolate, condensed milk, crunchy crushed ice and crispy plain bread. In a pleasant afternoon, there is nothing better than sitting on small stools beside the streets and enjoying this popular snack.

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Korean cream cheese garlic bread

Cream cheese garlic bread is initially a popular snack in Korea, and it is now conquering many foodies’ hearts around the world, including the Vietnamese. People love this dish because of the simple ingredients, easy-to-make recipe yet desirable taste. It is a beautiful combination of mildly sweet creamy cheese, salty butter and aromatic minced garlic. Aside from the delicious taste, the quintessence of Korean cream cheese garlic bread is also reserved in a lovely round shape.

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Sliced ​​banh mi

Finding a satisfactory sliced bánh mì in Saigon is such a hunt, and discovering Miss Tam’s cart is quite an achievement. You can find her food cart at the crowded streets of 104 Le Thanh Ton Street, District 1, Saigon. Sliced bánh mì is a unique type of bánh mì. Ms. Tam revealed her inspiration for making the dish is to help keep the elegance of women while eating bánh mì.  In the past, she saw numerous women got their lipsticks smudged and their outfit became messy, full of breadcrumbs after eating big loaves of bánh mì. Therefore, Ms. Tam decided to cut bánh mì into small biteable slices and serve with toppings such as Vietnamese steamed pork sausage, fermented pork roll, pâté, egg butter, cucumber, pickle and cilantro. When eating this dish, you have a wooden skewer to keep the toppings and the bánh mì together and then you can dip it in ketchup or chili sauce.

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Grilled bread with chili salt

Grilled bread with chili salt had been a craze in the western areas of Vietnam before coming to big cities like Saigon. In Saigon, the dish has transformed into a unique recipe with a variety of familiar and simple Vietnamese ingredients such as salted shredded meat, quail eggs, sausages, meat floss, scallion oil, chili sauce and mayonnaise. The key features of this dish include flavourful satay sauce, hot chili sauce and the crunchiness of the bread.

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Steamed bread

Steamed bread is inherently a familiar dish for the Saigonese. About the origin of the dish, in the olden times, poor people were given plain bread to fight against hunger. Instead of having dry and tasteless loaves of bread every day, people at that time steamed the loaves of bread and enjoy it with different types of toppings, such as julienned jicama, scallion oil, fried onions, peanuts and sometimes minced meat. Now, this dish has been upgraded and served with stir-fried beef, onion, raw vegetable and sweet and sour fish sauce. Unlike dry plain bread, steamed bread is moist, fragrant and chewy. There are some carts next to the Co Giang market, Phu Nhuan District that you can visit to enjoy this dish.

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Banh mì served in a skillet

“Bánh mì chảo” is one of the most popular breakfasts in Vietnam. The name of this dish came as the way it is served, which is in a hot cast-iron skillet. For a mixed portion, there are full of various ingredients, such as pâté, sunny side up eggs, ham, Vietnamese steamed pork sausage, roasted cinnamon pork sausage, bacon, sausages, onions and meatballs. There are various types of “bánh mì chảo” and depending on where you eat, the ingredients and toppings will be different. People usually enjoy this dish with a plate of pickled cucumber, white radish and carrots to enhance the savoury taste.

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