Two Acoustic Music Hotspots to Peacefully Enjoy in Saigon.

Join Culture in retracing the two locations for tourists to immerse themselves in the acoustic tunes in Saigon.

In recent years, where digital music has taken over, people have almost forgotten the feeling of being lost in the melodious tunes of live music. When the nostalgic trend returned to Saigon, especially in music, people then rushed to relive the past, and get together to listen to sentimental songs filled with emotions at terrific acoustic bars.

Hừng Hoa Beer – Cinema

Located on the rooftop of the building at 11A Hoa Hung Street, Ward 12, District 10, Hừng Hoa Beer – Cinema is favoured for its space and pathways. Every Sunday, Hừng Hoa holds an acoustic concert with different topics, while from Monday to Friday, this place is given back its quiet atmosphere with music coming from a small speaker.

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If your only goal is to sip a bit of alcohol and lose yourself in the serene ambiance, to run away from the turmoil of the city, to avoid the bustle of the downtown areas, Hừng Hoa will be a destination that you cannot miss if you happen to visit Saigon.

Hừng Hoa is designed quite spaciously. Due to its rooftop nature, Hừng Hoa is not constrained in 4 walls but surrounded by the sky and the city landscape with jam-packed houses. A romantic view with sunset at twilight, rhythmic jazz melody by your ears, you should definitely visit this place once around this time of year to experience it thoroughly.

In the words of Saigon youth, Hừng Hoa is referred to as a spot for romantics who are hopelessly in love with each other. Because, this place is not as luxurious as pubs, nor as bustling as bars, but instead is mellow, introspective, and profound due to the little amount of alcohol from cold beers and the open city landscape. Possessing such romantic space, but Hừng Hoa Beer – Cinema can be seen as “a business downplayer” by having a modest drink menu with the average price ranging from 40.000VND – 100.000VND (equivalent to 2.32CAD – 5.79CAD).

Đèn Coffee

@source Den Coffee Acoustic

The destination for music lovers looking for an acoustic bar with good music is undoubtedly Đèn Coffee. This place awes its visitors with colourful shimmers in its surroundings thanks to the multicoloured lanterns deliberately arranged according to layout on the ceiling.

Located at 1 Nguyen Ba Tong Street, Tan Thanh Ward, Tan Phu District, Đèn Coffee is like a miniature Hoian in the heart of Saigon. The shimmer coming from countless lights makes visitors feel as if they want to be immersed and carried away by it. This place also holds live Acoustic concerts, which are extremely suitable for decoration of its surroundings. Each melodious sentimental song comes up as if to bring us into a colourful magical world. Located far from the city center, Đèn Coffee however isn’t foreign to Saigon. A lot of people have come here and returned multiple times, no matter the distance or weather. Đèn Coffee also has a reasonable price range with extraordinary drinks, ranging from 20.000VND – 100.000VND (equivalent to 1.16CAD – 5.79CAD). If you ever feel an urge to get introspective with music, don’t forget to visit Đèn Coffee to immerse and enjoy it!

@source Den Coffee Acoustic

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Two Acoustic Music Hotspots to Peacefully Enjoy in Saigon.

Join Culture in retracing the two locations for tourists to immerse themselves in the acoustic tunes in Saigon.

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