Trudeau Says the Government is Preparing for “Disruption” in Case the US Election Results are Not Clear

The Prime Minister said the government was preparing for 'all results' after the November 3 election

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said today that his government is preparing for potential “disruptions” if the results of the US election are not clear.

During an event to announce funding for electric vehicle production today, Prime Minister Trudeau said his focus was on keeping Canadians safe during the pandemic – but added that his government is also keeping an eye on the political developments south of the border and their potential impact on Canada.

“I think we’re certainly all hoping for a smooth transition or a clear result from the election, like many people are around the world,” Prime Minister Trudeau said.

“If it is less clear, there may be some disruptions and we need to be ready for any outcomes, and I think that’s what Canadians would expect of their government, and we’re certainly reflecting on that.”

US President Donald Trump has questioned the integrity of the November 3 election and mailed ballots. He refused to commit to a peaceful transition if he lost.

Trudeau refrained from commenting directly on how the presidential campaign is unfolding.

“Of course, what happens in the United States is going to be impacting Canada after the election, but our job is to be ready for all outcomes and, as you know, as a matter of course I don’t comment or weigh in on American political processes,” he said.

Last week, Trudeau urged politicians of all parties to unite behind the fight against COVID-19 after US President Donald Trump got a positive result after months of lowering the pandemic.

Trudeau said the pandemic has become a political lightning rod in America.

Wednesday night’s debate focused primarily on the Trump administration’s response to the global pandemic – with U.S. Vice President Mike Pence defending the actions he claims has saved the goods. thousands of lives, while the Democratic challenger, Sen. Kamala Harris denounced Washington’s pandemic response as “the failure of any presidential administration in our history.”.

Trudeau, who is hosting a joint event with Ontario Premier Doug Ford today, said the pandemic has brought together two former political rivals to help Canadians overcome the economic and health crisis. strong.

“Governments across the country, of any political dimension, want the same thing – keeping the people safe, getting our economy back as quickly as possible,” the prime minister said. support these communities in the future.

“For that, Premier Ford and I and all the others found great in common.”

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