Toronto police now ticketing drivers setting their stereos too loud

Toronto police has started considering loud music as a serious problem as it disturbs the general public. Drivers who use improper muffler and modify their cars to make them louder need to rethink and become aware of the government’s new policy, as the Toronto Police will target noisy drivers throughout the city. This step taken by the government is a result of complaints from residents in Yorkville and other areas, given birth to the Awareness and Enforcement for Unnecessary Noise campaign

According to CityNews, tickets for noise offences will range from $110 to $155, so it is better not to blast tunes excessively with the car windows down. The crackdown comes of a new bylaw starting on October 1.

According to a release from Toronto Police: “Loud and excessive noise may be characterized as noise that is a nuisance to general public, taking into consideration the nature, location, time and proximity of the source to residents and members of the public… Examples may include a loud auto stereo or car, truck or motorcycle exhaust emitting sound to the extent it disturbs patrons at a restaurant, nearby residents or other motorists on the roadway.”

The hardened stance comes as a result of Mayor John Tory inquiring for a review of Toronto’s noise bylaw last September. Tory defined the issue of excessive traffic noise as something that has no space in Toronto.

Tory expects residents to cooperate as it is difficult to shut down all noisy places, but he understands that the root cause of this outrage among people is the unbearable noise coming from modified vehicles. He added: “This isn’t always only a downtown problem… it is inconsiderate, and it is something that has no place in the city.”

“My wife has explained this many times to me as being simply an outcropping of the inadequacies that certain people feel – mostly men who drive these cars around. I will go no further than that. But I will say that whatever you think the motive is, there can be no real explanation,” the mayor said, as quoted by City News.

Global News reports that Police Supt. Scott Baptist advised drivers not to take the new law lightly as they would be charged for an improper muffler and for making unnecessary noise. Either of the two is considered an offence.

Noise from any production sites such as factories, restaurants and so on will not be considered as action against the new bylaw.

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