Toronto Light Festival is “waving” at you!

This year, from January 18 to March 3, Toronto Light Festival will return, making our famous Distillery District become home for one of the largest outdoor sculpture displays in North America.

Probably, you would feel like traveling in another world. This is an annual festival held in Toronto, giving visitors a visual journey in the fanciful, magical world of lights. During this time, there will be more than 35 light installation artworks from famous Canadian and international artists. Toronto Light Festival showcases many great arts, including rainbows, polar bear, deoxyribonucleic acid, and the meaning of life and so on.

This year’s festival, we will have more activities for spending a great time with our beloved ones, such as jazz and classical music performances, free wine tasting, outdoor weekend brunch serving in El Catrin Patio, … The festival is open for free, both day and night, weekdays and weekend for welcoming visitors. For everyone, especially newcomers, we suggest you go not only to enjoy the festival but also to visit one of the best well-known places in Canada, Distillery District.

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