Top 7 Most Popular Jobs for International Students in Canada

Wage varies depending on the province and city you are in

Depending on where you live, the cost of rent, groceries and transportation will vary; however, you can expect the cost of living to be higher in metropolitan cities.  Thus, many would want to reduce this financial burden by looking for a job.  

The Canadian government allows international students to work 20 hours off-campus. However, it is still advised that you check your study permit to confirm if you are allowed to work during your study period.

Below is a list of jobs you would be able to grab as a part-timer. 

1/ Server: If you are comfortable working around people and as part of a team, this is a great job for you. Servers are often paid minimum wage, but this can be supplemented through tip; depending on where you work, this amount will vary greatly. Servers at high-end restaurants can even bring home hundreds of dollars a night. Some skills needed to be a server at a high-end restaurant may include good looking and conventionally attractive, clean record, good educational background, experience, and knowledge of food and wine. You can work at a restaurant, coffee shop or a hotel. The most popular coffee shops are Tim Hortons and Starbuck in Canada. 

2/ Rideshare Driver: If you have a driver’s license, reliable vehicle and is over 21-year-old, consider driving for a rideshare company. Requirements varies depending on the company and your province of study but once you’ve registered with the company, you will be able to connect with riders through an app. You can earn an average of $20 per hour as an Uber driver depending on the area and day of the week that you are working. You can make the most money on Friday and Saturday night. 

3/ Salesperson: While living in a metropolitan city can be expensive, it comes with a blessing for part-time job seekers. If you’re good at talking to people, consider finding a job as a salesperson. There are numerous benefits to working in this position. You would not only learn transferable skills, but can also have control of your earning by working in a business that allows commission on the sales you’ve made. Minimum pay in this field can range from as low as $12 per hour to upwards of $50 per hour. 

4/ Teacher’s Assistant: Being a teacher’s assistant (TA) is a perfect opportunity for you to work within your field of study. The best part is that you’ll work on campus, saving you the hassle of commuting to off-campus. However, the requirements are high, you’ll need at least one-year of college or university experience and sufficient knowledge of the course material. Often, this is proven by your marks in the course or a similar one. Depending on the institution, wages can vary but you can expect to earn more than minimum wage. At the University of Toronto, TAs can earn up to $40 per hour. You will need to manage your time well as there are many responsibilities. This can range from preparing your own tests, marking them, teaching and holding office hours 

5/ Freelancer: This field includes being a web designer, a freelance writer and/or freelance artist. You can find freelancing opportunities in almost any field but you are paid more in creative fields. Best thing is that you have almost full control of what you do and get paid up to $25 per hour. It would help you build your resume and portfolio. 

6/ Translator: If you come from a country where English isn’t an official language, chances are that you’re bi/polylingual. Take advantage of this and work as a translator. Remember, you should be able to speak, read and write fluently. If you are hired to translate written communication, it would definitely require a mastery over the languages. The salary ranges between $14/hour and $55/ hour.  

7/ Dog walker: If you’re a dog lover, a job that requires you to just walk one or more dogs is a dream come true. However, you might need flexible hours to work as a dog walker. You can charge owner depending on your responsibilities, the number of dogs and the length of time you’ll be with the dog. Offering a sitting service while the owner is away can earn you more.

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This content is also available in: Tiếng Việt