Top 7 Meaningful Oscar Best Picture Winners Through The Years


Ben-Hur is the greatest and most favoured film in the history of silent films, which grossed up to $90 million and won 11 awards out of a total of 12 nominations at the Oscars in 1959. This blockbuster film was considered as a significant impact on human civilization in the 20th century. Having been adapted from the famous novel of the same name by Lew Wallace, the movie is about the ups and downs in Judah Ben-Hur’s life along with his challenging but full of humanity revenge-seeking journey.

Annie Hall

Annie Hall, which is a romantic comedy film published in 1977, won 4 big Oscars in that year. It tells a story about Alvy Singer, who is a brilliant but physically unattractive and neurotic comedian with many bad habits. He then falls in love with a beautiful and smart young but occasionally absent-minded woman named Annie Hall. Their passionate love story quickly encounters a lot of fights and fuss later in the film. The romance with Annie was told in Alvy’s melancholic tone, as well as his mistakes when he missed the love of his life.

Dances with Wolves 

Dances with Wolves was based on a book of the same title by Michael Blake. The film adaptation won 7 Oscars in 1991 and became the first Western film to win an Academy Award for Best Picture since 1931. This is a story about Lieutenant John Dunbar, whose mission is to guard the borders, and was in search of a military post and sheltered by a Native American tribe. As the days go by, he gradually forgets how to live like a lieutenant and gets along with life in the tribe. He shares memories with a beautiful woman of the Lakota. Then the Fort Sedgwick soldiers arrive at the land and find him, Dunbar is forced to make tough choices.


Titanic is one of the movies with the most Oscar wins of all time. It took home 11 awards in its respective categories. The film is based on accounts of the biggest marine accident of the 20th century – the sinking of Titanic. The central focus of the film is the touching love story between Jack and Rose. They meet each other and find love on the ship despite coming from different social classes. However, the shipwreck eventually tears them apart.

Life of Pi

The same-named book by Yann Martel was the inspiration of the Life of Pi. The storyline revolves around an Indian boy immigrating to Canada with his family. The ship carrying them sinks into the Mariana Trench, leaving him the only survivor on a lifeboat with a hyena, a zebra, a mouse, an orangutan and a tiger named Richard Parker. The hyena kills the zebra and the orangutan, but the tiger devours all three of them. Pi has to fight for his survival with the tiger on a boat floating on the Pacific Ocean.

La La Land

La La Land “danced” its way to Oscar success and went home with 6 awards. A beautiful romance through the peaks and valleys between a pianist and an actress, Sebastian and Mia. Two stubborn and ambitious people with strong personalities are drawn together due to the perfect soul harmony and the shared passion for arts. They experience many feelings and emotions in love when they both face challenges of making ends meet and pursuing their dreams.


The South Korean film made history at the Oscars 2020 by winning Best Picture, Directing, International Feature Film and Original Screenplay. Parasite draws a life of a lower-class family, including a father, a mother, a brother and a sister. The shallow habit of thinking as an impoverished person traps their life in a never-ending struggle. They get hired one by one to work for a wealthy family owing to the minor scams they had used. The film reflects the social divide and conveys a profound message about how the way of thinking differs from class to class and their attitude.

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