Toc Tien’s Musical Journey

Evolving from teenaged star to full-fledged adult.

You started your singing career at age 13, how did this happen so early?

I did not choose music, it came to me naturally. When I was a child, my mum sent me to Ho Chi Minh City Youth Culture House’s singing club. I started taking part in art shows when I was 13. My career began within my family.

What urged you to move back to Vietnam after studying and performing abroad?

Six years pursuing a music career in the United States was an important milestone. Thanks to those years in a professional environment, I understood what my ability was. It helped me awaken my passion and defined my style. After the Remix album, I decided to continue to do music in my country. The more aggressive showbiz becomes, the stronger and more active I am.

Living true to yourself is a privilege and there is no limit to happiness.

Toc Tien
You had a spectacular comeback with The Remix in 2015 and 2016 and 2017 were breakthroughs for you. How does this feel?

When I came back to Vietnam my objective was to  accomplish all the plans I had set. I do not care much about my position in the Vietnam entertainment market. There were times I felt that I was safe from the dark side of showbiz. I have focused intensely on my products and meticulously choose to appear on some appropriate stages. Being a judge of The Idol Kid helps me relive the days of my childhood. This show inspires the kids who are full of music passion. I also am a judge on talent shows including Vietnamese DJ Talent, King of Mask Singer Vietnam. This way I become familiar to the public. My greatest concern is doing a really good job as a coach on The Voice 2017.  In order to spend more time on this job, I have reduced others. Eventually, after two years of fighting tooth and nail in different positions, I can confidently say that I’m a happy camper. I love guiding and inspiring the young people in my team.

You have returned to showbiz as a singer, actress, MC, and brand ambassador. Is this how you want to mark 15 years on stage?

If there is anything I can do, I’ll do it. I take the greatest responsibility for that. I am not interested in setting any limit for myself. This year marks 15 years on stage for me, therefore I’m putting all my effort into music.

Photo by: Milor Trần / Make up by: Quân Nguyễn / Hair by: Pu Lê / Stylist by: Mì Gói
When people say your new image is similar to that of Miley Cyrus, how do you respond?

It is obviously a one-sided assessment. Miley herself has been significantly influenced by Madonna and other famous artists. I adore not only Miley but numerous other female artists all over the world. They are all broad minded and liberal when expressing themselves. What I admire is their spirit and style. To me, physical appearance or fashionable style are accessories only. The similarity between Miley and myself is probably the journey from teenage singer to performer with a rebellious style.

What is your biggest career lesson and can you share your life philosophy?

It was tough when I was forced to move to the United States. I felt lost and could not connect with other people. I faced depression due to personal troubles. One day, I realized that I had another choice and I chose to love myself more, to enjoy experiences and challenges. I knew that nobody else could decide my life. To live to do what I love and pursue my passion is happiness. I learned you shouldn’t set any limits for yourself.

Photo by: Milor Trần / Make up by: Quân Nguyễn / Hair by: Pu Lê / Stylist by: Mì Gói
Do you think you are successful at the moment?

Nothing can prevent an artist from contributing. I don’t allow myself to be complacent at any time. All achievements and recognition that I have experienced this year so far are because of my team’s motivation and the public’s support. I definitely will keep moving on and show you a jack-of-all-trades named Toc Tien.

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