Tips to help you stay positive during tough times

There will be times when we have to face incredibly challenging situations. They will not only negatively affect our lives but also our health and survivability. The COVID-19 pandemic might be a pretty clear example of this. The honest fact is we cannot avoid these challenges and difficulties that affect our life. What each of us can change however, is our mind and how we are going to face these challenges. Being positive as we face challenges and get through these obstacles is what we can practice.

There is a very popular saying on social media: “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” 
Positivity is like a potion that brings us the courage and bravery to face obstacles in our lives. Consider these challenges and difficulties as new opportunities and tests which make you stronger and wiser. At the same time, these obstacles will also let us discover and understand who we are. Getting to know some of these tips will help us gain a positive mindset and mental attitude to enjoy life to the fullest.

Be grateful

Gratitude helps us recognize the precious things we having in our life. Without gratitude, on the other hand, people may never be satisfied with what they have.

Be grateful for what life has given us. If you are living in a mid-range apartment, with a middle-income job, be grateful because you are so much luckier than many homeless people living on the streets or people who have lost their jobs due to COVID-19.

“When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” 

Psychologists have also advised on how you should be grateful for the difficulties and stumbles that you have experienced in life. For example, there was the time that a cotton plantation in a rural area of the U.S. was heavily destroyed by insects. Despite that, at this very plantation, farmers built a monument to commemorate “things” that had ruined their harvest. They said, if it hadn’t been for these insects, they would have forever grown cotton and would have never created a many times bigger income source from growing other crops.

Love more, give more

Another way to live positively is to love people around you, whether it is your family’s members, your neighbour or even a stranger you meet on the street. Only when you give love away, will you realize that there is compassion. When we love one another we can be free from envy, jealousy, and our very lives would be happier.

It only takes simple acts to share your love, such as sharing with a person who is under difficult circumstances, a few necessities or items that you don’t usually use. These things might no longer bear any value to you, but to another person, they can be invaluable gifts.

Build your spiritual belief

Having a spiritual belief will make our souls more powerful and positive when facing hardships in life. A belief in religion could be a key to letting us heal from emotional and psychological trauma.

Meditation and yoga can both help you build physical and mental strength. Besides, if you are pursuing or putting your faith in any genuine religious belief, be diligent in practicing the teachings, the rituals and obey the rules, things that will guide us towards the beauty and virtue of life. This will help you see your daily changes and help you always be full of love and joy.

Let yourself be surrounded by positive people

“A man is known by the company he keeps.” It means that the surrounding environments and the people we interact with can greatly influence our mindset, manners, and attitude. Therefore, to generate positivity for yourself in life, make friends and talk to optimists. Listening to optimistic stories can motivate you. These types of people could be your “life coaches” who may help you solve your difficult problems. Besides, you should also become a person who can spread positive vibes to help those who are facing hardship. Helping those around you with sincerity will make you happier as well as keeping optimistic thoughts in your soul.

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