The Return of Timeless Vinyl

Five albums to buy this Christmas season.

The continuous development of technology means digital music products are constantly being improved to serve our entertainment needs. However, the vinyl record is the only non-digital product that also has high sales. It attracts fans of all ages, from middle-aged collectors to trend-conscious young people.

The reason vinyl records are successful is because of their lively sound and classic beauty. Collecting and hunting for limited and unique vinyl has become a big passion for the Vietnamese.

This Christmas, melodious music from the following albums can provide interesting highlights in your home.

A Charlie Brown Christmas

The warm, gentle melodies on the Charlie Brown Christmas album bring a friendly and happy atmosphere to any gathering. Christmas is no longer Christmas if it lacks tracks such as O Tannenbaum or My Little Drum. First released in 1965, this recording quickly gained a lot of attention and became one of the timeless albums of the season.

Price: $24
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The British rock band Queen’s strong songs dominate this collection. For those who have a passion for the genre and like to sing along to memorable hits, this album is a winner.

Price: $50
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Songs from the most successful band of the 1960s continue to be hot long after the members went their separate ways. Creative and rebellious,  some song are also very romantic. Abbey Road is a rock album with a unique blend of blues and pop music. Ballad Sometimes was rated by John Lennon as the best song on this album.

Price: $38
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ABBA is legendary. Nobody can forget  songs such as Mamma Mia or Honey Honey. This album will bring a warm and happy atmosphere to your family’s Christmas party.

Price: $38
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Elton John is not a stranger. His songs have always left hard-to-describe feelings in the hearts of listeners. Goodbye Yellow Brick Road is his seventh album and one of his most successful. In Canada, it ranked No.1 on Canada’s RPM 100 top list in 1973 and remained in that position for a week. The song Goodbye Yellow Brick Road was John’s third No. 1 hit that year. This past September the singer started his three-year Farewell Yellow Brick Road tour, marking his retirement from the music industry.

Price: $38
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