The Proper Way to Enjoy Bánh Xèo as a Vietnamese

How you eat crispy Vietnamese pancakes affects and enhances its characteristic flavour.

Pancakes have been a familiar part of every Vietnamese. For a good few times, this rustic food has lingered many of the expatriate children’s hearts. For foreign tourists, this golden crispy cake is also an indispensable dish when stepping in Vietnam.

The perfect combination of the crunchy texture of its crust well blending with the freshness of green vegetables and the rich flavor of dipping sauce will leave an indelible impression in any diners.

However, the deliciousness of pancakes will not be fulfilled without properly. Let’s explore how to truly enjoy Vietnamese pancake!

Depending on the different regions, the cooking process and eating style of pancake might vary.

Cách ăn bánh xèo - Hình ảnh trên
Cách ăn bánh xèo – Hình ảnh trên
Cách ăn bánh xèo -
Cách ăn bánh xèo –

The Central-style of eating pancakes

Bánh xèo miền Trung –

The pancakes of Central Vietnam are poured in small-sized molds. The cake is made from pure rice flour, mixed with turmeric powder and aromatic coconut milk. The filling of the small cake carries the sea’s whole flavour with fresh seafood such as shrimp, squid, etc. The Central pancake is crispy on the edge of the outside and softy chewy inside.

Besides the sweet and sour fish sauce, the central people often eat pancakes with typical dipping sauce, including minced meat, paté, grounded peanut. For the small size of the cake, people usually eat it all at once.

First of all, to enjoy pancakes, you need thin rice paper to wrap. Take and spread a rice paper, then add the raw vegetables, cucumbers, and herbs. Depending on your pre

The Southern-style of eating pancakes

Bánh xèo miền Nam –

Unlike the central region, people in the South often use pre-mixed pancake flour for the dough without adding anything except some chopped green scallion to create colour and increase flavour to the dish. The Southern Pancakes are famous for their signature crunchiness for being fried by a thin pan. There will be different filling variations depending on each place, but the popular ingredients are shrimp, meat, green beans, and bean sprouts.

The South’s typical sauce is sweet and sour fish sauce with julienned carrots, chili, and minced garlic.

Southern pancakes are quite large in size, so they often cut into bite-sized pieces in serving.

Southerners usually wrap the pancake with vegetables instead of rolling in rice paper. There is a variety of vegetables, besides lettuce and herbs, there are also herbs from garden like leaves of headache tree, lolot leaves, young mango leaves, ming aralia leaves, etc. Remember to wrap the largest vegetable outside for an easier rolling stage. Place a piece of pancakes on the vegetables; according to preference, you can add green mango, wild banana, cucumber, etc. After that, carefully roll it up, then dip in sweet and sour fish sauce and enjoy. Although each region has a different way of processing and enjoying pancakes, they all contribute to this iconic cake’s uniqueness and attractiveness. Enjoying the delicious, fragrant, golden yellowish cake must be a perfect combination for a great experience that keeps lingering in diners’ minds after leaving Vietnam.

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