The Mesmerizing Sceneries Of Phú Yên That Is Praised By Many Visitors

Phú Yên is a coastal province in the South Central connecting Bình Định Province and Khánh Hòa Province. This land was long well-known for endless lush greeny rice fields, tranquil clear jewel-blue beaches, and mysterious undulating cliff of stone plates. That enchanting, dreamy beauty of Phú Yên is also the reason why many visitors, both domestically and internationally, are enamoured of this land.

Bãi Xép (Xép beach)

Located in the North of Tuy Hòa city, bãi Xép has a wild charm by two banks of rocks and stones enclosed two heads of the beach. By the shore, waves lapping, and near there, the greenfields dancing with the wind, could anywhere else be an ideal peaceful destination to admire the beauty of nature? 

Vịnh Xuân Đài (Xuân Đài Bay)

In the territory of Sông Cầu Commune, North of Phú Yên Province, travelling on national route 1A, Xuan Dai Bay appears as a fascinating Shan Shui (mountain-water painting). The majestic space of the land is created by possessing an intertwined and conjunctive terrain of rock cliffs, bays, and beaches. In the gulf are quite many beautiful beaches and seas like Vũng La, Vũng Sứ, Vũng Chào along with many islands and peninsulas. Besides its landscape, the bay has many long-standing fish sauce-making villages and salt-making fields. Therefore, visitors could take delight in both the nature and simple coastal lifestyle of the locals.

Đèo Cả (Cả Pass)

Cả Pass belongs to Hòa Xuân Nam Commune, Đông Hòa District, bordering Khánh Hòa Province. Being one of the huge and rugged mountain passes of the Central region, Cả Pass has a chill climate throughout the year thanks for laying near the sea. Standing on its top, the vision of visitors could reach many great winding beaches and rolling hills. As rumours spread, this place is also known for specialties like steamed rice rolls with beef bologna, oyster porridge, steamed mackerel scads, half-dried beef, frog crap, etc.


Hòn Nưa (Hon Nua Island)

Hòn Nưa has half North belongs to Phú Yên, and half South belongs to Khánh Hòa, which is the musing, poetic boundary of the two provinces. People called it “the almost forgotten land on the sea” for its pristine beauty. On the island, there is only the guardian booth of borderlands securities without people living. Hòn Nưa shall be a suitable place for those who want to go camping with friends for the campfire, grilled seafood, and peaceful atmosphere.

Vực Phun (Vực Phun Waterfall)

Vực Phun is a beautiful landscape located in the Đá Đen mountain range, in Hòa Mỹ Tây Commune, Tây Hòa district. Surrounding the area is a primeval forest, with large boulders on the bottom that make the water bounce back very strongly. Not only immersed in the majestic mountains, but visitors can also participate in activities such as boating, climbing, camping, etc.

Gành Đá Dĩa (The Sea Cliff of Stone Plates)

Belongs to An Ninh Đông Commune, Tây An District, Gành Đá Dĩa is considered a natural phenomenon of Vietnam with cylinder rocks stacked up neatly on each other as being carved by a magical creator. From a distance, Gành Đá Dĩa is like a giant honeycomb reaching the sea to catch the wind and sunshine of Phú Yên.

Cao Nguyên Vân Hà (Vân Hà Plateau)

Vân Hòa plateau belongs to Sơn Hòa District, including Sơn Xuân, Sơn Long and Sơn Định Communes. Every day there, beams of sun shining down, the breeze blows bringing chilling air lightly drew paths through the foggy scenery. In addition, this place is also famous for its specialties like pineapple, jackfruit, and fish sauce.

Mằng Lăng Church

Nestled on the banks of Kỳ Lộ River, Tuy An District, the Mằng Lăng Church is one of the most ancient and famous churches in Vietnam that has been existed for nearly 120 years. Despite the small building, the campus of this church is broad and shady by trees. In addition, this is also the place storing the first book of Vietnam in the official language.

Đầm Ô Loan (Ô Loan Estuary)

Located at the foot of Quán Cau Pass, for Phú Yên people, Ô Loan estuary is as a phoenix spreading its wings. Its water is brackish, and the estuary has a rippling surface surrounded by gentle hills and green sugarcane fields. The place will be a great destination to admire the spectacle of sunrise or sunset. Travelling to Ô Loan estuary, visitors will enjoy the nationally renowned blood cockle specialties of this place.

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