The Government of Canada and Ontario Announces $590 Million Investment to Support the Ford Oakville Plant to Produce Electric Cars

On Thursday, October 8, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Ontario Premier Dough Ford attended a press conference to announce details of their plans to each spend $295 million to help Ford upgrade its assembly machines in Oakville to begin the production of electric vehicles.

The announcement of both governments investment into supporting Ford is not new as this was a key part of a $ 1.8 billion deal last month between Ford and its biggest union, Unifor, to begin production of five new electric vehicle models at the plant.

Ford has supplied 800,000 electric cars worldwide in recent years, but the company is ramping up production of electric cars, as the company predicts it will outsell fossil fuel-powered cars at some point in the next decade.

The Ford plant upgrade will make the Oakville plant the company’s No. 1 electric vehicle factory in North America.

Previous media reports indicated governments had spent $ 500 million on the plan.

On Thursday, both levels of government confirmed that each was contributing $ 295 million to a total expenditure of $ 590 million.

Ontario Premier Doug Ford said: “By making this investment in Ford Canada, we will ensure our province continues to lead North America and the world in automotive manufacturing and innovation while enhancing our competitiveness in this key area “.

“We will also secure thousands of well-paid jobs, not just on our Oakville facility, but across the province. This project will help support our auto parts sector as well as our suppliers. levels and other services. “

The Oakville factory currently employs about 3,400 workers. In a statement, the federal government said the plan would secure 5,400 jobs in the entire Canadian workforce and the company’s supply chain.

This new expenditure is in addition to previous government commitments to spend more than $300 million to create a network of fast-charging stations for electric vehicles across the country.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said at a news event in Kanata, Ont., Was video linked with Ford and other Oakville dignitaries. “This is a win-win”.

“Today’s announcement is a testament to Canada’s appeal as a destination for clean technology, talent and infrastructure in the auto industry. Companies like Ford are helping to accelerate the transition. Our transition to a clean, low-carbon economy that helps protect our environment, fosters innovation and creates good middle-class jobs.

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