The Future of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Canada

Canada is well known within the global community for its nice and friendly citizens, magnificent forests and rivers, cold winters, and of course, where would we be without our nation’s proud coffee shop, Tim Hortons. However, did you know about Canada’s emerging dominance in the field of artificial intelligence?

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence (AI for short) is a branch of computer science that seeks to recreate “intelligence” in software, machines, and computers. When browsing on your smartphones, have you ever used tech innovations and digital assistants such as Siri (iPhone), Bixby (Samsung), or Google Assistant (Android)? Or in the comfort of your own home, have you used popular tech products such as Google Home Mini or Amazon Echo to ask Google or Alexa to check the weather? Commonly called Digital Assistants or Virtual Assistants, these technological innovations are actually a form of “Artificial Intelligence”. From in our pockets to our homes and even on the roads, AI is becoming more relevant in our lives.

Canada – The Hotspot for Artificial Intelligence Research

In an interview with R&D Magazine, Richard Zemel, a leading computer scientist and professor at the University of Toronto, has said that “Canada is home to some of the brightest minds in the field of artificial intelligence”. With the Canadian Government’s previous investment of $125 Million in the Pan-Canadian Artificial Intelligence Strategy, it becomes evident that Canada is attracting attention and talented individuals around the world as the number one choice for AI research.

Canada’s Investment into AI Development

Following a recent update, the Minister of Innovation, Science, and Economic Development (the Honourable Navdeep Bains), had announced that the Government of Canada will be making an investment of $25 Million to the field of technology and artificial intelligence (AI) in Canada. The investment is said to help create up to 22,000 jobs and hopes to inspire the growth of young science-based start-up companies across Canada. Interested start-ups seeking to attain funding for the development of AI projects are encouraged to read more about the opportunities and funding available by the Strategic Innovation Fund and Innovation Canada.

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