“The Flood Is Gone, the Safe House Still Stands”

The slogan above was inspired by the dwellings provided for beneficiaries of the Nha Chong Lu project after Storm No .9 (Usagi) in 2020.

Every year, Vietnam bears the rage of Mother Nature. Natural disasters such as storms and floods cause severe devastation to both lives and property of the country’s inhabitants. Impoverished people are the most vulnerable group, as they lack the resources and capacity to get over the damages on their own.

Nha Chong Lu (which means flood-proof house) was created with a sustainable development direction and the desire to build safe houses for people in difficult circumstances. It supports the construction of safe villages for communities affected by natural disasters and climate change.

Since 2013, the Nha Chong Lu project has designed disaster-resilient housing models. It has also raised funds and provided financial support for impoverished and disadvantaged households to build safe houses and mitigate the impact of natural disasters on people’s lives.

By 2021, Nha Chong Lu comprised two main projects, the Safe House and the Happy Village. The projects are collaborative efforts between Nha Chong Lu, the government, and the community.

For the Safe House project, Nha Chong Lu designs houses resistant to natural disasters, raises funds, and partially funds households in difficult circumstances to build safe houses.

Currently, Nha Chong Lu has developed more than 11 models of safe houses. Nine of them have been included in the Safe House Handbook, for use by beneficiaries and local authorities.

The Happy Village project aims to establish safe villages, improve the living conditions and preserve indigenous cultural values ​​in the districts of Bac Tra My and Nam Tra My, in Quang Nam. Through research and consultation with the community, using the “Together” method, the program provides technical support and partial funding for beneficiaries. The project makes full use of local government’s resources and implements activities such as safe planning, housing and infrastructure; improved sanitation and living conditions; and preservation of indigenous cultural values.

In 2020, Nha Chong Lu also organized the “Towards the Central” campaign, calling for donations to support people in Central Vietnam who suffered grave losses.

After seven years of operation, Nha Chong Lu has proven that people can get through the floods, and their safe houses will remain standing. Every contribution from the community provides encouragement for Nha Chong Lu to keep the faith and continue its good deeds.

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Account number/Số tài khoản: 0541 0003 23368
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