Taste of the World – McFarland House at Niagara Falls

The McFarland House one of Niagara Park’s oldest properties, built-in 1800 by John McFarland and his sons, even pre-dates the War of 1812! For more than two centuries the historic property epitomizes Niagara-on-the-Lake. It is located in a picturesque park setting with playground facilities and a baseball diamond next to the Niagara River Recreation Trail. Join Culture Channel as we visited and experienced a little taste of Georgian style and pace during High Tea time at the McFarland house in our latest Taste of the World~

Fun Facts about the McFarland House at Niagara Falls

  • Built in the 1800 century by John McFarland on land granted to him by King George III for his services in the British Navy
  • One of the few buildings at Niagara-on-the-Lake that was built before the War of 1812
    • The McFarlands occupied it for 140 years
    • Oldest building owned by Niagara Parks Commissions which purchased it from them during the 50s
  • The garden is maintained in the mid 19 century door yard garden style while the house was built in the Georgian style
    • The commission furnished the home in the Empire style to help portray life in Niagara during the late Georgian era
  • Used as a hospital during the War of 1812 for both British and American soilders 
    • It was during this time that the burning of Newark (now Niagara-on-the-Lake) occurred however, the house survived, making it one of the few still standing buildings to predate the War of 1812

Afternoon Tea


  • Afternoon tea was introduced by Duchess Anna Maria Russel, a lady-in-waiting of Queen Victoria. As dinner was served late in the evening during the era, the duchess would sate her hunger with cake and tea in the afternoon. Eventually, it became popular amongst Victorian aristocracy and it is still practiced today. 


  • McFarland House Conservatory Tea room serves more than 30 types of tea with Afternoon tea ranging from 15-35 dollars depending on the set. 
  • You can expect to snack on cakes, finger sandwiches, scones and more while sipping on tea
  • You can go the traditional route and have your afternoon tea with black tea or you can try more unique blends of green or rooibos tea

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