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Welcome the Year of the Ox With a Bountiful Feast

Do you know the Vietnamese expression for celebrating Lunar New Year is “ăn Tết” – literally translated as “eating Tết”? Indeed, food has always played a big part in Lunar New Year, when family members bond over tender braised...

These Beautiful Pastry Boxes Will Sweeten Your Lunar New Year

January is ending soon, but to those in the Asian diaspora who celebrate Lunar New Year, the festive mood has just begun. Known by many names, Tết in Vietnam, Chunjie in China, Solnal in Korea or Losar in Tibet,...

Vibrant Vietnam: Tourist trends for the 2020 Lunar New Year

Lunar New Year is one of the most active times for tourism in Vietnam. Domestic tourists prepare to visit family and tourists from overseas look forward to immersing themselves in the atmosphere of Tet. Marking a new circle of...


Vaccine Branding Leads to Hesitancy Confusion Towards Mixing Moderna and Pfizer

Despite repeated assurances they are both safe and highly effective – some people hoping to get a Pfizer COVID-19...
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