At Bảo Vệ Collective the Title “To Protect” Takes on Multiple Meanings

Bảo Vệ Collective is a grassroot group born at the height of the pandemic last year. (“Bảo vệ” means “to protect” in Vietnamese). Initially, its main goal was to help members of the Vietnamese community apply for Employment Insurance...

A Look into Vietnamese Restaurants in Ontario During COVID-19

In the near future, your neighbourhood's favourite Vietnamese restaurants may look different, with two-meter markers on the floor and hand sanitizer prominent on the table next to the condiment set. The dining room may be half-empty, with less clinking...

Edmonton Police Measure Motorcycle Noise Ahead Of Summer

In the heat of the summer sees a rampage of motorcyclists roaming in the streets of Edmonton. To civilians this causes an everyday distraction to businesses and local shops around the area. Edmonton Police Service in collaboration with NAIT...


Editor’s Pick:  goopbeauty

GOOPGLOW collection Founder Gwyneth Paltrow wants to promote confidence in makeup-free skin with this brand. It may be worth considering...
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