Supporting Children in the World’s Disadvantaged Communities

Christina Noble Children’s Foundation (CNCF) has helped a million children for 31 years.

Christina Noble Children’s Foundation (CNCF), is one of the longest-serving international NGOs in Vietnam (1989) and Mongolia (1997). It is committed to alleviating poverty and suffering by providing crucial, grassroots humanitarian services in education, healthcare and community development. With almost 170 projects since inception, the services focus on nurturing and empowering young people through early education programs. These include child sponsorship, residential boys and girls’ homes, art, sport and music, medical centres, and a rural school for the visually impaired. The programs are driven by a philosophy that recognizes the children as individuals with different needs, physical and emotional, and values their human spirit. Long-term relationships are established with children to ensure ongoing support so they can live happy, independent lives.

When children are educated, they possess something which cannot be lost or taken away from them and which offers them some protection from exploitation and abuse. They will have more power in the labour market; they will be better equipped to provide for themselves in a way which protects their integrity and their dignity.

– Christina Noble, founder of CNCF.

For 31 years, CNCF’s humanitarian work has aided the lives of more than one million children. Targeting disadvantaged communities, the programs include helping girls vulnerable to exploitation and young people with disabilities living in remote settings. A third generation, family foundation, CNCF is actively supported by Vietnamese and Mongolian community leaders who were once disadvantaged children aided by the foundation. CNCF’s efforts to highlight the plight of children in need continues to motivate social change and reform in Vietnam and Mongolia.

This year has been a challenging. COVID-19 has had a significant impact on vulnerable communities already living in abject poverty, plunging them into further crisis. The small income generating opportunities they once had have been completely dismantled. The delivery of CNCF’s humanitarian services is key to assisting these communities. The aim is to help rebuild lives as well as protect thousands of children from kindergarten to secondary school who are at high risk of dropping out and becoming vulnerable to exploitation and abuse. CNCF’s support is crucial to keeping these children safe and able to survive the crippling impact of the global pandemic so that they may lift themselves, their families and their communities, out of poverty.

The number of children on CNCF’s Child Sponsorship waiting list has grown due to the economic impacts of Covid-19. CNCF must urgently find new sponsors for these children who desperately rely on monthly financial support to help cover the costs of education, and necessities such as food and clean water. The children on CNCF’s waitlist are in critical need of help. Without sponsors children are vulnerable to exploitation and bound to the crippling cycle of poverty.

It isn’t just about mending bodies. It’s about restoring people’s independence, giving them a life, not just an existence. It’s about respect and love and dignity. Those are the things we owe our children. Children are the ones who need them most of all.

Christina Noble, founder of CNCF.

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