Simple Things That Bring Inspiration

Nourish your soul with these books.

Never Grow Up

Never Grow Up

Jackie Chan’s eletrifying martial arts and good sense of humor have won many hearts all over the world, especially those of Vietnamese audiences. However, behind the glamor of his success are the untold truths. In his memoir Never Grow Up, Chan shares stories of his childhood, traumas, moments when he faced death, and hidden corners of his marriage. Chan does not shy away from his mistakes. With the support of his dear friend, Zhu Mo, the book was released.



The new book by Michelle Obama was released in November and has received a lot of interest from readers. As the first African-American First Lady, Obama and her story have inspired many individuals. In the book, she recounts her journey, outlining what made her who she is today.

Saigon three square meters

Saigon three square meters

This is an online art project by a group of Vietnamese young people. This project has received a lot of compliments and achieve as special feature on, one of the biggest design forums online. Through this project, familiar images of Saigoneers are portrayed truthfully. When questioned why they chose Saigon, Maxk Nguyen, one of the members explained, “Simply because everyone has great love for Saigon.” Saigon three square meters is not simply an isometric style image but it carries a deep thought. Maxk believed: “The small simple things around us somehow become an indispensable part of our daily life unconsciously.” With continuous development, perhaps someday the banh mi trolley or street vendors will no longer exist. The group wants to store and place value on those images through its artwork.

Grow – The Art of Koyamori

Grow - The Art of Koyamori

Koyamori is an Asian-Canadian painter who specializes in drawing nostalgic images of her childhood. Inspired by Japanese comic style (Manga), nature and fiction, Grow – The Art of Koyamori is a book that many young people will appreciate. Koyamori emphasizes human relationships with nature and the universe. With elaborate images and wise use of colour, this is a useful reference book for those who want to pursue livelihoods involving design and art.

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