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A gift guide for 2020 holiday season

Give the Gift of Relief

Many people have been working from home during the pandemic and it’s become a pain in the neck…and back. Sitting in makeshift office spaces that are not ergonomically incorrect creates tight knots that make it hard to focus. How can you spell relief for a loved one? Chirp! The Chirp Wheel comes in three sizes (12”, 10”, 6”) and fits between the shoulder blades, targeting the muscles up and down the spine. Your loved one can lean back, gently roll on the wheel and feel the tension melt away.  
$132 (three-wheel pack).

Beauty Treasures

When it comes to the holiday season, advent calendars are one of the most delightful gifts to receive. Wrapped in glamourous packaging, Charlotte Tilbury’s precious set will attract major attention under the tree. Three full size and eight travel size products are included, covering skincare to makeup.

A Touch of Gemstones

Sometimes buying clothes as a present is a challenge because of sizing. Instead, go for a clutch and let the Gem Embellished Minaudiere become a statement piece. The shape and classic colour allow it to marry easily with most evening styles. A shoulder strap is included, making it versatile and on trend.

K-beauty Hydration Rescue

Featuring the brand’s bestsellers, belif’s Moisture Festival Set is suitable for male and female friends. It contains three travel size items, including toner, eye cream and cleansing balm, and a full size moisturizing cream that is gentle, lightweight and ultra hydrating for winter.

Sweet Lips

Looking for under $50 gift ideas? Check out Fresh’s lip balm kit with Sugar Rose Tinted Lip Treatment, Sugar Dream Lip Treatment Advanced Therapy and Sugar Coconut Hydrating Lip Balm. Rich in vitamins, the products are suitable for all skin types and help nourish your lips in a single swipe.

Embracing Soft Hair

Haircare products are a luxurious yet practical gift idea. The Stimulator Travel set comes with a shampoo and a conditioner bar. It works best on oily, fine hair, encouraging more body and bounce. Plus, the subtle peppermint, eucalyptus, and cedar wood scent makes the set irresistible. Matte gold travel tins provide a certain sophistication.

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