Schools asked not to cancel graduation and prom events by Ontario Education Minister

Ontario Education Minister Stephen Lecce has asked schools in Ontario to postpone school events for graduating students rather than cancel them.

Lecce says that it would be better for these schools to host said events in the summer or the fall and that he has heard from students and their parents that want to see the achievements of these students celebrated.

“Their stories have moved me to act”, said Lecce regarding the students voicing their concern for their events being cancelled.

“I firmly believe Ontario students deserve this positive conclusion to their academic journey, even if ceremonies are delayed”.

Schools in the province have been closed since March break in order to flatten the COVID-19 curve. Many provinces in the country have gone with the decision to cancel in-person classes for the rest of the year, but Ontario’s government has not yet made the decision.

The decision to reopen the schools will be made later this week according to Premier Doug Ford’s announcement on the weekend.

The decision for graduation ceremonies to take place has been given to the individual school boards, meaning the events taking place will ultimately be up to them.

“Despite this uncertainty, I am encouraging boards to reschedule these events based on input from local medical officers of health,” said Lecce in his pleas to the school boards.

Schools will continue to use online learning tools for the time being in order to continue the school year, and Lecce has stated previously that students will be able to graduate with report cards no matter what happens.

Written by: Angelo Cruz

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