Pantone Classic Blue 2020, the Colour of Calmness, Confidence and Connection

Pantone announced its colour of the year for 2020.

This December, Pantone – a famous paint company based in New York, announced that the colour of 2020 is Classic Blue. The experts have given the colour high expectations. For 20 years, Pantone’s colour of the year has become popular and also a powerful support tool for many industries, especially creative industries, such as fashion, home furniture – architecture, and design. However, not every colour can rock the market as the creators expected. For example, last year, people considered the Living Coral colour too bright and hard to mix, match with other colours. However, timeless and enduring Classic Blue, which is elegant in its simplicity, is easy to combine.  People expect it makes a push this year.

The idea of a luxurious living room with a Classic Blue theme brings peace for the mind.

Every introduced Pantone’s colour carries a message that is associated with the times. If the 2018 Ultra Violet represents meditation and luxury, the Living Coral is the call of the environment. While people are in the context of being distracted by surrounding elements such as technology, social networks, or political fragmentation, Classic Blue wishes to give users a sense of peace, concentration, and connection.

Many people consider Classic Blue a familiar and intimate colour. Reader B.A.T (23 years old, Saigon) shares: “This is my favourite colour, and I sure won’t miss it this year.” If you love the feeling of a peaceful, simple but elegant space, Classic Blue designs are for your home. For example, you can apply the Classic Blue theme for the kitchen and dining room, where generations are connected through family meals.

Nelson Costa, AyA Kitchens

In the fashion industry, brands aim to simplify designs and pay more attention to materials and elegant details like folds. The versatility of the Classic Blue designs makes them suitable for most events from the year-end party to a semi-formal one. Moreover, Classic Blue can be mixed and matched with different shades of blue by adjusting the brightness. This will surely bring you an elegant style.

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