Our Hearts to Central Vietnam

Share Your Love has ended 2020’s charity activities with a series of projects aimed towards helping the Central Region of Vietnam. The goal was to provide post-flood support for people who were already living in poor conditions as well as children suffering from having few necessities of life.

Share Your Love organized two activities in November and December as follows:


  • Gifts to 1,024 students at three primary schools in the flooded areas
    • Primary School No. 1 Huong Hiep, Dakrong District, Quang Tri Province
    • Tan Long Primary School, Huong Hoa District, Quang Tri Province
    • Phong Xuan Primary School, Phong Dien District, Thua Thien – Hue Province

Gifts included: windbreaker jackets, raincoats, notebooks, pens, backpacks, sandals, condensed milk, biscuits and candies, medical masks and 30 packs of textbooks.

The students at the three schools were greatly affected by the storms and flooding in October. With a gift of several essential items, Share Your Love hoped to re-energize and motivate them to go to school and continue their studies.

  • 200 gifts were given to people with disabilities in the Phong Dien District, Thien Hue Province.

Gifts included: windbreakers, raincoats, rice, canned milk, confectionery, some common family medicines, 200,000 VND in cash. An additional 500,000 VND in cash was given to 10 exceptional cases.

  • Gifted two lifeboats to the Thach Binh Village. The village distributed them to two hamlets so that people could help each other during storms and flooding, bringing them to higher, more safe places when flood waters come.

  • Gifted clothing, medicine, and cash to 120 households of the Pahy ethnic group in Ha Long Village.

  • Gifted common family medicines and other items to the doctors of the Hue Central Hospital to organize post-flood health check-ups.

  • Offered medicine to the Central Vietnam Flood Relief Team of monk Thich Tam Dang, from Huong Dam Pagoda in Canada.


  • Donated 20 bunk beds to boarding school students at Phuoc Thanh Primary and Secondary School, in the Phuoc Son District, Quang Nam Province.  This is a region that has suffered severe damage from the flash flood that occurred in October. The flood swept away and damaged many of the boarding school’s supplies, including beds for children and teachers in the area.

  • Rảnh Là Đi Group and Share Your Love supported Phuoc Thanh Primary and Secondary School by donating 20 extra beds, 40 beds in total, and 80 mattresses, mattress sheets, and cash donations for the boarding school.

People living in the region continue to lead difficult lives. They are still very poor, scared, and have difficulties moving. For many students, it takes five to six hours to walk to school, covering seven to 10 kilometres. Many students have to walk through mountainous roads and terrain. These students have been staying at the school using its facilities in order to attend daily classes. 

The first flash flood that occurred on October 28 swept away 49 houses in the Phuoc Thanh commune. The mudslide buried walls, beds and rooms of the boarding school as well as damaged the kitchen where teachers fed the students. Before Share Your Love and the Rảnh Là Đi Group came, teachers and students only had bed mats with blankets given by other charities. Students told their teachers that it was too cold to sleep at night.

The total cost of the awarded support amounted to 467,694,000 VND (approximately $25,760 CAD).

During the gift-giving trip from Saigon to Central Vietnam, rain poured non-stop. When volunteers arrived, they found people who had been waiting for hours with hopeful looks in their eyes. What a heart-wrenching sight.

Though it may be small, the foundation hopes this support can help people in the region and alleviate some of their difficulties. We wish that all of the people of Central Vietnam may find peace in the coming days.

Share Your Love expects to continue supporting people in the region. Their next charity trip in 2021 will help people overcome the consequences of the flooding and the difficult circumstances in Central Vietnam. Details of the program will be announced to sponsors and members after we do an advance observation trip early in the year.

Share Your Love is preparing for a trip on January 8 to 9 to Ba Ria Vung Tau to support the blind, disabled, Agent Orange victims, and impoverished people.

The foundation sincerely thanks you for your support, sponsorship, and in-kind contributions as well as the efforts of all your benefactors, sponsors and all the volunteer members of Share Your Love.

Thank you for the contribution and support from the An Thien Foundation and Vietnam Moving Company for covering the transportation fees to deliver goods from Saigon to the Central regions. Thank you Cầu Vồng Yêu Thương Group and Rảnh Là Đi Group.

We thank everyone for trusting and supporting Share Your Love so that we can bring small gifts to poor residents, and children suffering from enormous difficulties after the storms and floods in 2020.

Sincere gratitude to you! We wish you and your families a fortunate and wonderful New Year.

Share Your Love Foundation

Website: www.syl.vn
Facebook: Quỹ Chia Sẻ Tình Thương
Tel: 0908007009

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