Ontario to potentially enter a 28-day lockdown extension says Premier Doug Ford

During the Ontario government’s provincial address, Premier Doug Ford said that he wants the province’s State of Emergency to extend for an additional 28 days.

The province’s lockdown that was set to expire on June 2 will see an extension lasting until June 30 if the motion is passed on Tuesday.

When addressing the media, Ford said that his government is “aggressively” working towards a plan that will progress the province’s economic reopening.

“If numbers go down, we’ll be looking at other stages… I want to get the economy going but we have to do it safely,” Ford said.

“Four weeks is a long time and a lot can happen in four weeks, especially if the numbers come down”.

Ontario has been in the first stage of its reopening plan since May 19, with street accessible businesses and an updated list of essential businesses reopening. There was hope for an announcement regarding larger social gatherings being allowed, but that was cancelled due to the rise in cases as of late.

Health Minister Christine Elliot has gone on to say that Ontario “still needs to go some distance” before entering the second phase of the economic reopening plan.

“We need to take a careful and measured approach based on four factors: the number of new cases needs to go down, make sure we have sufficient capacity in our hospitals, make sure we’re doing adequate testing and we need to do contact tracing with public health units,” Elliott told the media.

“The numbers have bobbed up and down a little bit in the last week to 10 days but generally speaking they seem to be going down”.

Ontario COVID-19 Stats:

Confirmed Cases: 28,263

Recoveries: 22,153

Deaths: 2,276

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