Ontario to launch “Learn at Home” online program for students during school shutdown

Highlights of Ontario’s Minister of Education Letter: 

  • Ontario is launching an online learning portal (website) for students to learn at home
  • No graduating student will have their ability to graduate impacted by the school closure
  • Ontario is cancelling EQAO testing and removing Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test as a requirement to graduate

Earlier this week on Sunday March 22, 2020, the Ontario Government has launched a online learning portal that is aimed to help prevent students from falling behind during the two-week school closure amid the school shutdown due to COVID-19. 

In an open letter to parents this past Sunday, Ontario’s Education Minister, Stephen Lecce said that the province is looking into ways to keep coursework going if the COVID-19 pandemic continues to prevent schools from re-opening on April 6 as planned. In the letter, Stephen Lecce also announced that he believes that no students’ graduations will be affected by COVID-19 pandemic as the Ontario Secondary Student Literacy test will no longer be a barrier for students on track to graduate. 

“Although publicly funded schools are ordered closed until April 6, the fluidity of developments around COVID-19 means we are preparing in the event the closure period is further extended,” stated the Minister of Education.

 “Specifically, we are working to ensure that students will be able to continue their coursework and credit accumulation, even when we aren’t able to be in a classroom setting,” Stephen Lecce said. 




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