Ontario Premier Doug Ford urges people who went to Trinity Bellwoods Park over the weekend to get tested for COVID-19

During his daily provincial address today, May 25, Premier Doug Ford urged that those who went to the large gathering at Trinity Bellwoods Park in Toronto get tested for COVID-19 immediately.

The gathering that took place on Saturday, May 23, was reported to have as many as 10,000 people filling the park, with many of them ignoring the social distancing requirements.

People gathering at Trinity Bellwood Park in Toronto this past weekend, Photo:TorontoStar

Ford expressed disappointment for those who filled the park on the weekend, as the large gathering has the potential to cause a surge in cases.

“First of all, I’m disappointed to say the least with everyone who showed up at Trinity Bellwoods on Saturday,” Ford said during the address.

“I encourage anyone who has been in large gatherings like that… they need to get tested”.

Even though the gathering broke many of the social distancing rules put in place, Ford does not plan to reverse the progress of Ontario’s reopening plan.

“I’m not going to punish the whole province because a group of people in Toronto ended up getting together and it’s not fair to everyone else in Toronto as well,” Ford said about the possible repercussions from the gathering.

“Weren’t they thinking of them when they went there? C’mon guys, give me a break, just don’t do reckless things like this”.

Police were present at the park the day of the large gathering, but only a few tickets were issued to the people ignoring social distancing rules.

According to Toronto Police Chief Mark Saunders, more tickets were issued to people who were urinating and defecating on driveways and the properties of residents in the area.

Mayor John Tory also visited the park on Saturday to ensure that visitors would follow the correct social distancing rules. 

But photos of Tory at the park began to surface online, with those pictures showing him without a mask on and not practicing social distancing.

Tory has gone on to apologize for his irresponsibility, saying he will do better.

“I fully intended to properly physically distance, but it was very difficult to do. I wore a mask into the park, but I failed to use it properly, another thing I’m disappointed about. These were mistakes that I made and as a leader in this city, I know that I must set a better example going forward”.

Ford has acknowledged Tory’s mistake, and has gone on to say that Tory is “working his back off” during the pandemic. He has gone on to say that the decision for Tory to get tested is “up to the mayor”.

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