Ontario Premier Doug Ford extends state of emergency for another two weeks as next few weeks are “extremely serious” in battle against COVID-19

As the number of new COVID-19 cases continue to rise in the province, Ontario’s Premier Doug Ford confirmed today that the State of Emergency he previously issued on March 17 will be extended for another two weeks. 

In his daily update at Queen’s Park, Premier Doug Ford said that the province will be continuing to assess whether the “state of emergency” order needs to be extended on a two-week basis. 

As Ontario reported a single-day spike of 351 new cases of coronavirus on Monday, bringing the provincial total to 1,706, including deaths and recoveries, the premier restated that he and the province is willing to take “further actions” if the virus cases continue to surge in Ontario. 

“We need every person in this province to take a hard look at their habits because as I have always said, every option is on the table and we are prepared to take further action if we do not see the spread of this virus slowdown in the coming days.” said Premier Doug Ford 

Premier Ford says the next few weeks in the fight against COVID-19 will be “extremely serious” and warned Ontarians that spikes and “surges” in cases will leave the province in short of medical supply inventory. 

“We are working day and night, working every contact that we have to acquire medical supplies from every source possible, around the world, across Canada and here at home in Ontario,” said the Premier.

Despite the fact that Ontario has placed orders of “millions” of protective equipment pieces for health care workers, but a high demand world-wide has created a supply shortage. Premier Ford said. 

The only way to lessen the demand is by flattening the curve and pushing the surge as far back as possible.

“The hard truth is, the more time we have, the more lives we can save… We can’t do this without your full support… if you can, please, please stay home.”

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