Now You Can Get Your Marvel x Miniso Miniheroes across Canada.

Last week, Culture Magazin joined in the new product launch event and had a MARVELOUS time at Miniso. Check out what Minisoheroes we got at Miniso Queen St. W. last week.

Miniso worked with Marvel to introduce their new Miniso Miniheroes x Marvel collection.  It comes with various options, such as a beauty mask, phone cases, key chains or event home scent. Miniheroes provide customers with cute designs but still remain the classic features of Hulk, Captain America, Thor or Iron Man.

This holiday season, you can also gift your kids, friends, and family with these gift suggestions below.

These plushes are available with many different designs. Get your kids a Hulk or Captain America shield cushion as a small gift for keeping nightmares away. Or you can also give your children or Marvel fan friends a collection of toy figures. The price of each figure is $9.95CAD.

If you want to bring your hero with you to school (or even work), Miniso Miniheroes x Marvel also offers a wide range of stationeries, such as pen, book or luggage tag. Other products are also available for you to choose, including tumbler, home scent, beauty mask or silicone airpods protector.

Check out your local Miniso today and get what you love before it’s too late!

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