NOMAD Cosmetics unveils a new collection

The collection includes Discoshadows and Discolighter, which marks the latest collaboration of NOMAD and New York Studio 54.

Recently, NOMAD officially launched a new collection. Accordingly, this is the latest collaboration of NOMAD and New York Studio 54.

The famed all-night parties sparked the idea of the NOMAD x New York Studio 54 collection, in which they revisualized those scenes and vibes by using bright colours commingled with shimmery glitter. Every aspect of the products, from the look to the texture, comes to light showcasing a layer of meaningfulness revolving its’ inspiration.

NOMAD x New York Studio 54 is the name of the three latest products: Multi-Chrome Discoshadow Palette and 2 Multi-Chrome Discolighters. These three special creations are produced using unique caffeine-infused formulas to maintain the facial radiance that raises the beauty of women and lights up their night.

Within the product line, Multi-Chrome Discoshadow Palette comes in 4 shades: “Le Freak” (yellow-gold with pink colour shift), “I’m Coming Out” (hot pink with lavender colour shift), “Got to be real” (cool silver with subtle green colour shift), and finally “Last dance” (70s blue with silver colour shift). Discolighters are then divided into 2 shades: “Hotshot” with a pink-shifting one, and “Disco Nights” with the majestic gold one.

The NOMAD x New York Studio 54 collection went on sale on April 21, 2020, on NOMAD’s official website: for the price of $19 per product.


NOMAD was founded by wife and husband team, Felicia and Antti Rintanen, who share a love of travel and passion for the cosmetics industry, with more than 25 years of combined experience. “We believe unique beauty is found everywhere & each destination has a story to tell,” says Felicia. For more information and pricing, please visit

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