National Charity Started in Winnipeg Helps with Education

Canadians Helping Kids in Vietnam was registered as a national charity on November 25, 1995, when three people in Winnipeg, two of whom were Vietnamese refugees, began planning how a grass-roots run organization in Canada could improve conditions for the poorest in Vietnam. Our focus has been on conditions empowering children as the best strategy to improve long-term living conditions.

During the past 24 years, we have built nine schools and renovated an orphanage after flooding, both of which have facilitated the education and care of thousands of children. To encourage parents to send their children to school daily, we established our Education and Family Support Program (EFSP) in conjunction with a Retired Teachers Association in Vietnam. Over 100 Canadian supporters of our EFSP provide $25 a month, payable every six months, to support 150 Vietnamese families where school principals verify the children’s attendance.  To facilitate the children travelling long distances to school, we run our “Biking on a Child’s Future” campaigns where Canadians donate funds and bikes are purchased from small manufacturers in Vietnam. To date more than 450 new bikes have been presented to students to get to school and for their family to use for transportation.

For our charity to be most effective, we have also improved the dental and medical health of children and family members, with two dental and four medical missions. Each medical team member covers their own travel expense for these humanitarian missions. From our dental missions, we improved the delivery of basic dental care to children and from our medical missions, we sent four large teams of Canadian physicians to share their knowledge, procedural skills, and equipment with hospital physicians in Vietnam. During our medical missions, we have observed great improvement in the Vietnamese physicians’ knowledge and clinical skills especially with the equipment provided by Canadian donors.

We have seen our programs benefit thousands but the needs continue. Although we have major fundraisers each year in Winnipeg, we still need more Canadians willing to:

  1. Become sponsors in our Education and Family Support Program – we have so many families approved but insufficient funds to give them all $25 a month
  2. Donate funds for bikes
  3. Donate basic dental hygiene items
  4. Provide funds to purchase medical equipment and supplies for our physicians to take to teach and leave in the hospitals for future teaching.

For further information on our work or how to offer support, please email Chau Pham at or visit our website at

Photo and text: Canadians Helping Kids in Vietnam

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