Montreal Declares State of Emergency as COVID-19 Cases Rise

Montreal mayor Valérie Plante has issued a state of emergency, as COVID-19 cases continue to rise.

It’s the first time Plante has spoken to the media after she announced she tested positive for COVID-19.

“The state of emergency is an additional tool that will allow us to face with agility this period of instability that affects vulnerable people, merchants, businesses, and Montreal families,” Plante said.

On Tuesday, the province reported 5,043 cases, which is a new daily record.

Plante says the state of emergency is in place to better deal with the Omicron variant.

In a tweet, she says ‘this allows us to guarantee services to essential workers and vulnerable people, among others. We are making sure that no one is left behind in this pandemic.”

“With the state of emergency we will be able to purchase protective and screening equipment for essential worker sin the agglomeration and we will be able to enter into all necessary agreements and we will be able to set up emergency shelter sites quickly in support of the health network and community organization,” she said during a Tuesday news conference over Zoom.

“On Wednesday we will double the city of Montreal’s budget for homelessness and we will make sure in the meantime right now we will add what the beds that are necessary having to deal with this increase of cases related to the Omicron variant.”

When asked if the homeless population would have to be tested before entering emergency shelters, she said it’s something that’s being looked into.

“I think testing is something that we put forward in shelters for obvious reasons so we will be able now with the state of emergency be more proactive having less to wait for different decisions, we are more in charge if I can say for certain decisions.”

She was also asked how she is doing, after testing positive for COVID-19 last week.

“As you can see I’m a bit low energy and my voice is not entirely back, that being said I feel much better, but I think I’m a good example of somebody that does everything that has to be done, respecting all the rules, but got hit by the variant. This is why I speak from experience and with my heart when I tell Montrealers to be very vigilant because it is a very very contagious variant.”

“So I’m doing fine, at this point what I’m hoping is that people will follow the different rules and measures very very well, because even though we are vaccinated, it’s still hitting us, probably less, which is a good thing, that’s why we got all vaccinated for, this is why I encourage people to get vaccinated, it’s so important.”

“We went through a lot together we will go through this one again this wave I ask you to be very supportive follow the rules follow the measures that are there and really decide to don the people and events that you’re planning on doing during the holidays because it is a very contagious variant so we will go through this together.”

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