Love Your Neighbor as Yourself

Another Christmas season has begun. In the joyful atmosphere of people decorating Christmas trees, hanging lights, and preparing gifts, a story of love and sharing flashes across my mind. Besides happy families and couples, there are still many single, unfortunate people that need our help.

Lately a story of a 62-year-old Vietnamese woman in Vancouver was broadcast on various media channels. She has been collecting scraps for 21 years to donate to the Cancer Foundation of British Columbia. Almost every day for more than two decades, she has gone to the fundraiser’s office to donate all the money she earned from collecting and selling discarded bottles and cans. For each plastic bottle or sweet drink she receives five cents, each beer can is exchanged for more than 10 cents. To reach to the collecting place, she walks more than 45 minutes.

In the winter, when the roads are slippery, it takes her twice the time to walk there. Up to now, she has raised more than $15,000. Although she faces a lot of challenges, they do not stop her because she wants to help people, especially cancer patients. Her motivation is “love your neighbor as yourself” – the love comes from the bottom of her heart. She feels a sympathy for the suffering of others and is willing to help them overcome their difficulties.

As the American writer William Arthur Ward once said, “Love is more than a noun, it is a verb. It is more than a feeling, it is caring, sharing, helping, sacrificing.” Let love, concern and sharing warm up the cold winter days as together we welcome a happy Christmas.

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