Lip Lip Hurray: How to Match Lipstick Colours to Skin Tone

How to match lipstick colours to skin tone.

Red, pink, nude, rose – these are the most common lipstick colours. Depending on the occasion, we often opt for these shades as our go-to lipstick. But, we could be missing a trick or two when it comes to the right shade for our skin tone. Read on for our ultimate lip colour guide.

Mauve Lipstick Colour

The word mauve describes the colour of the wild mallow, a delicate flower with healing features. It appears in many European countries and is often found on roadsides or in sparse forests.

This gentle floral hue suits every complexion, as it is somewhere between purple and nude and has a smoke-gray undertone. With the texture, anything goes because mauve looks both elegant and effortless. Party in the evening? Make a smoky eye with mauve and brown shades your go-to look. Mauve is not only suitable for every skin type, but also for every occasion.


This is a warm, muted shade of red. What skin shade does it suit best? Due to its yellowish undertones, it is best suited to fair skin with the same undertone. Use a dark lip contour pencil and put bright accents in the middle of the lips to create an optical illusion – the lips look fuller resulting in an almost 3D effect.


Nude lipstick colour is a classic and matches almost all skin tones. Nude shades of beige, rose, apricot, peach and berry are this season’s top picks. The brighter shades such as beige, rose or apricot go well with thinner lips, and even better with tanned, bronzy skin. Bright colours optically enlarge the lips; dark colors make them seem smaller. Of course, everything depends on your personal preferences and the look you want to achieve.


Red lipstick is like old Hollywood movies – classic and timeless. Red has a bold presence and eye-catching effect. It stands for power, emancipation, love and energy. It also brings out our feminine and seductive side. Red can be more difficult to style on paler skin tones, but with the right kind of contouring and framed eye makeup it can work well – it’s all about balance.

Tips and tricks for lipstick application

You can blend lipstick from the inner to the outer edges of the lips with a brush and then remove the excess with a tissue. Quickly put the folded tissue between your lips and pinch together.

Never apply lipstick on dry, cracked lips. If you wear lip products every day, make sure to scrub your lips before applying. At least scrub once a week. Use either special lip products or even just a clean toothbrush to gently remove dry skin.

To make lipstick colour stay put all day long, first apply a lip liner and build up your colour in layers. To make it smudge proof, a sealing product can be applied so you don’t leave marks on your coffee cup.

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