Kitchen Designs Inspired by Food

Adding a unique ambience to where dishes are prepared with love.

About Caesarstone

Founded in 1987, Caesarstone manufactures high quality engineered quartz surfaces, which are used in both residential   and   commercial   buildings   as   countertops, floors and other interior surfaces.  The wide variety of colours, designs and high quality products provide consumers with excellent surfaces for their internal spaces.  Caesarstone’s four collections of products, including Classico, Concetto, Supernatural, Metropolitan and Ultranatural, are available in more than 50 countries around the world.

The design and culinary worlds continue to merge, deriving inspiration from each other and creating a multisensory experience of creative expression. Food has become a new design discipline in itself.  The interaction between food, design and material, influence and inspire one another creating an innovative kitchen space. This year, Caesarstone collaborated with the renowned design and fashion trend guru Li Edelkoort, who took inspiration from food to outline three of this year’s major trends in kitchen design.

Conceptual Concrete:

Concrete, a raw and rough material meets dishes made of unrefined ingredients with rough textures. The connection between these two worlds shows the inherent beauty and authenticity of rough and raw that is free of ornamentation.

Marbling Mood:

The eternal trend of marble reignites worlds of classical inspiration that are expressed through opulence and ornamentation. The timeless trend calls on the industry to make creative use of more exciting materials, through sophisticated surfaces that include veining motifs, inspired by nature.

The veined texture trickles down into food design, through a range of “marbled” foods and desserts, including blue cheese, fresh produce and even colorful meringues with a marble-like appearance.

Dark Rituals:

One of the strongest culinary trends today goes back to the time of hunters and gatherers. The trend brings forward ancient textures, in an attempt to create tempting and sensual foods, to present a primal landscape on the table, and connect to ancient cooking rituals. The trend praises black and dark aesthetics in the kitchen, abandoning the common and dominant white iconic kitchen. In this trend, black quartz, black cast iron, black ceramics and dark materials, such as stone, porcelain, metal and wood come together and prevail.

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